The Desktop Thread!

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  1. Everyone has a desktop on their computer! Post it here.
    If you have Windows, use the Snipping Tool to get a pictutre.
    If you have a Mac, your on your own. Same for Linux.
  2. How do we take a pic on windows 7? I have never taken one before.
  3. Another way is to press ALT+PrScn at the same time then open Paint and paste it there :)
    Main Screen

  4. If you want to do it for mac just open preview, go to 'file' then 'take screen shot' then select 'from entire screen'.
    I will get an image up in a sec.
  5. ;) Visual Boy advance
  6. haha about year ago i had wanted to play Red again but didn't want to buy so i found it a place to download it lol :p
  7. That dog....
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  8. lol
  9. Some people's icons are so disorganized! Do you guys just try to bother my ocd?
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  10. Well, I'm on a mac.
    So yeah.
  11. From the other thread:
  12. Awesome