The derp tree

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  1. Earlier today I noticed that somehow, this tree behind my res is totally messed up. Not sure how it happened, but I invited Carol to come check it out.

    If your interested in seeing it go to 2626 and walk right and around the building

    p.s. Yes Carol, your hair looked great
  2. Chin must have been there
  3. Was Chin seen anywhere near this area recently?

    uh oh, now I'm also doing it! Enough with those silly jokes already :D

    Anyway, this is not something moderators can fix, only Senior Staff has access to that. But now that you mentioned this to Carol I'm sure she'll report it to the senior staffers as well :p

    But yeah, this looks kind of weird.
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  4. I agree, did you pay a SS for that? :p
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  5. The magical tree :eek:
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  6. I think Chin may have stood on the tree and done /summon Lightning xD
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  7. Don't get it fixed!
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  8. A sure sign that Chin was there
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