The Day of the Doctor

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  1. Krysyyjane9191 brought it to my attention today that there are only 34 days left until the 5oth Anniversary Special of Doctor Who! I was wondering if anyone else is as excited about it as Krysy and I.

  2. Me and sonicol1 were fangirling on skype bout dis... jskdyshdjtyuisdjglk/ dat promo doe,
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  3. Doctor Who is one of my favourites. I am old enough to say that I saw the original black and white episodes when they were released.
  4. Tennant. I just really like Tennant. Him and #9 are my favorites.
    Then again, who doesn't like Tennant?
  5. YUS!!

    I can not wait tell The 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who!

    Im turning my phone off, popping popcorn and getting comfy to watch it when it comes on!! :D :D :D
  6. Could someone please explain to me the "plot" of Doctor Who? I still don't quite understand it
  7. In general, there is none. There are a bunch of little arcs that the story follows, but other than that, it's just a fun show to watch.
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  8. Doctor… who what?
  9. Alien that looks like a human travels around in a semi-broken machine throughout time and space with usually human companions. When the main actor ends their contract with the show, the main character known simply as "The Doctor" will regenerate into the next incarnation. The actual name of the main character has never been stated. The upcoming special will celebrate 50 years of airing, although the first episode was slightly delayed because of a report about the then-recent assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.
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  10. They are suppose to reveal his name in The Day of the Doctor episode right?
  11. I doubt they will.
    I've been doing fun games about the Doctor(s) each on month on Facebook. Super excited about this. I wish all the living former Doctors would appear in cameos just for a few seconds.
    But then again, my wishes for the 50th aren't as big as my wish for the Christmas Special to be titled "The Twelve Doctors of Christmas" :p
    Would anyone here like a jelly baby? Help yourself. I've got a recorder to play, void glasses, keys to Bessie, and a missing penguin to find…
  12. Had one missing over here once too, apparently someone broke into the marine park and took it...
  13. It happens a day before my birthday, I would really like to watch it :D