The Creepypasta Thread

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  1. Creepypastas have been an obsession of mine since 2010...I just stumbled across the first one in this thread on Easter. Sooo...Enjoy! :D

    1. BEN (Drowned)
    This was the first creepypasta I ever read. It scared me a little bit the first time I read it, and then I showed my brother it and he couldn't sleep.

    2. Slenderman VS. The Rake
    You may not know it, but Slenderman originated on The Something Awful forums as part of a contest. People began to develop stories off Slender's backstory, and this one in particular interests me...alot.

    3. The Rake
    The Rake is my favourite creepypasta. It's one of the very few creepypastas that scare me. There's a plethora of accounts on him here:

    4. Smile
    Read it. Just read. It's about a doll...with a smile.

    5. Smile Dog
    The images in this may creep you out..and there's also a warning of the image causing insanity. I have stared at it many times and am not I don't believe it. But if you are worried about it, do not view the pasta.
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  2. the rake is messed up
  3. The Rake is a boss :3
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  4. They're all creepy
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  6. That last one was the only one that gave me a chill. A small chill.
  7. a creepypasta is not a creepypasta without Jeff and Jane :3
    EDIT: I have also seen the smile dog picture, and i have not *twitch* gone crazy *twitch*
  8. I only like Jane. She's more scary than Jeff for some reason.
  9. I know of these from Skydoesminecraft doing the Creepypasta mod review.......that dog is scary ._.
  10. Not really
  11. I know of them from "the guy whose name would get me banned for typing" mod on MC Forums.. The best CP I have read in a while is... XoRax
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  12. I haven't read the whole thing yet but the description of the treehouse in the middle of the story pretty much gives it away, they could have make it a bit less obvious. Let me see the rest of it...

    Yeah, I thought so xD it's an ok story, hehehe.
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  13. Slenderman is and will always be my favorite creepypasta.
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