The Crash has happend...SHARE Your story on what Epic adventure you were on beforehand.

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  1. Time to Share your story and adventures of what happened before the crash. Tell us your fine crafts, your fun adventures, your freaky close calls and your fantasy not yet made.

    As for me, I was afk at an Iron Farm wile having to go grab some stuff.
  2. I was riding on a pony into the sunset with some bananas
  3. The servers were being laggy and I was at an xp grinder killing endermen. They suddenly froze and I thought that it was the lag but then the server kicked me and I found out it crashed. :p
  4. I just logged in, noticed some horrid lag while trying to click a sign on a player shop, and got a time out error.
    Thought my internet was on the fritz due to weather outside, so I reset the network, and more time out errors.
    Then I got onto the forums, to see what was happening, and noticed that it is everyone!
    I planned on setting up something special for someones birthday, generalfelino015!!! So he will have to wait a bit.
    Happy B-day general!
  5. My computer exploded, then the World lagged, then my computer was fixed. Tada!
  6. I was talking to Penfoldex and Airlynx99 in my wilderness city on utopia. Riolual.
  7. I was about to give beanmachine13 her birthday present.
  8. I was chopping acacia trees, and remarked how bad the lag was. GameKribJim, bless his heart, made a what I'm sure is a tongue in cheek reply about how it could be client side.

    He then put a cake on one of my teleports. I was unable to remove the cake prior to the crash.
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  9. TBH I think we all expected this. Lately EMC has been hitting a rough patch of, "lolserverlag"
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  10. Lots of the moderators have been saying its client side.. but it really isn't because everyone is getting lag.. and I have not got any lag on other servers.
  11. I was working on Hitman Industries Tower, making a mock up of a staircase to connect my two res' on smp5 :)
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  12. Exactly. I believe it's server side lag.
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  13. thankyou thankyou thankyou eeveeluv for finding all my stuff when i died this afternoon, putting it into a crate and then leading me to it, so all was retrieved before this crash.
  14. I was out an about fundraising for scout stuff. :p
  15. I was sleeping, then woke up getting all excited to go mining with my friend, only to find EMC is down :( This must be one of if not the worst things I have woken up to lol
  16. I was investigating a griefing report, and everything was so laggy that the player thought I was ignoring him :p
  17. Wasn't on at all today :(
  18. The only thing is. Why Saturday. Im sure Monday is way better ;)
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  19. My brother told me about it :p
  20. NO!!!! on Sunday I get a foot of snow then on Monday I would has nothing to do D: thts if my ban is apealed