The Conspiracy Theorists

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Seanawesome14, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Hello EMC, today I bring to you Conspiracy Theorists in EMC. This is a thread where you can come up with hilarious, ridiculous, or even realistic conspiracies of EMC's future/present/past/whatever else you can think of. Today, I will start this off with a few I thought of when I was joking around.

    The amazing Rainbow Krysyy Head, sought out by all collectors everywhere, too bad there's none of them there yet. Well there's a reason. We don't have the Red or Indigo/Violet (Whichever it is). My theory is that the way we will get a Rainbow head, is by acquiring every head, and then trading them in. In return, we will receive the almighty Rainbow head, however we will not receive the rest of the heads back, but they will instead be thrown into oblivion, never to be seen again.

    Now, we have all been trained that Chin breaks everything. But what if Chin breaking it is the server's excuse for Krysyy messing up. Chin is secretly a clone of Krysyy, and was going to be the newest edition of the Krysyy's. Rainbow to be exact. However there was a bit of an...error. However it was too late, and the clone knew too much. The clone, however, was modified to take orders, and do whatever it was told. So anytime Krysyy messed up, she said it was Chin. And so #ChinBrokeIt was made. Countless times, something went wrong with Krysyy, and she blamed the RainbowChin. Passwords leaked, #ChinBrokeIt. UHC oopsies? #ChinBrokeIt. Server crash? #ChinBrokeIt. The errors never stopped. But soon Chin developed a mind of it's own. And so now we have the RainbowChin we know and love today. Only problem was he had not only developed a mind of his own, but also the habit of breaking things.
  2. I think you had too much Mtn Dew and Doritos.