The Color Store @19007 - A stunning new mall with Pixel Art now open on SMP9!

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  1. The Color Stores!

    SMP9 19007 :D

    Are you tired of searching around all of the servers to buy colourful flowers, wool, glass and clay?

    Do you wish that there was a shop that sold all of these items under one roof at a reasonable price?

    Would you like to see examples of art to show how these fantastic items can be used?

    Look no further, The Color Store is here! After much hard work by myself and Mr_Zulus, it is finally open and ready to be visited by all of you lovely people! Just visit SMP9 & come on down to 19007 :)

    Whilst visiting, you will be able to see an amazing building that was designed and built by Mr_Zulus and will be able to have a look at some pretty funny Pixel Artwork created by myself :D

    I have spent a long time working hard to make sure that The Color Store is fully stocked so that there will be no disappointed miners. We hope you enjoy your visit and come back again with friends! ;)

    Toodle Peeps!



  2. Awesome! Going to be visiting soon.
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  3. You will be very welcome :) have fun!
  4. Awesome! I'll definitely be there a lot so make sure you are always in stock ;)
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  5. I will come by and check it out when I have the chance :)
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  6. N
    No problem, will do!! :)
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  7. Look forward to your visit :) hope that you enjoy
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  8. Nice place, dropped by yesterday! :D
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  9. Looks cool! As somebody who always needs stained clay, this is definitely something I'll have to check out. :D
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  10. Awesome! Will make sure that it is always stocked :)
  11. I give both thumbs up to this establishment. I will be visiting regularly for future builds.
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  12. Many thanks :) Welcome anytime!
  13. The slimes will run, but the tentacle will catch them... Unless The Green Lantern saves the day that is :D He should ask Rorschach and the final fantasy wizard for some assistance ;)
  14. Wow, some items v popular! Restocked today :-D
  15. Bump, mump, lump, jump, dump, crump(et), rump, lump!!!!!
  16. Do you discount your prices if it's bought in bulk? (e.g. a DC of white stained clay)?
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  17. Hey :) I can indeed, if you pm me we can work out a price? Thanks
  18. Bumple stiltskin
  19. Bump up, bump up and get down
  20. If you are old enough to know what a C64 is/was and Day of the tentacle isnt a special kind of meal for you visiting this place is a must!
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