THE CLUBHOUSE -Update from my Newb Days-

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  1. Hey guys, it is me, ElfinCarrot. So, when I was like I think 20-30 days in, I made a post about the SMP2 Clubhouse, a project I'd been working on for some time now. It's been a month since that post and boy have their been a lot of changes. Now, before you ask, the SMP2 Clubhouse is a massive series of underground tunnels on my res full of neat things like a discount Bazaar where most, if not all items are sold at really cheap prices, a food court, tons of visual attractions, all kinds of goodies, with more on the way. I infact plan on hosting a drop party sometime during this week or next -starting school- and other fun events like an easter egg hunt and a "counting" challenge which I will explain soon. So, come over and visit, it's a real fun time, 3373. You have to jump down the well to enter, so be wary. Also, the full list of our current rooms is here:
    • The Main Lobby, leading off into all different rooms
    • The Teleport Room, full of lots of SMP2 Attractions
    • The Bookstore, which will soon contain player written books for purchase
    • The Flower Shop, a decorative, soon to be useful area
    • The Suggestion Stall, where you can throw in written books with suggestions and comments -not far from it is a place to buy said books and quills, along with free fishing rods-
    • The Cafeteria, which sells a large array of food in bulk -also the Cheese Storage-
    • The Parkour, built entirely by me and having five seperate parts, the entire parkour being relatively easy and approved by ElfinPineapple. There will be a race in the future to the finish where a reward will be presented.
    • The Beta Clubhouse, the old version of the clubhouse from when I was a nub
    • Public Enchanting
    • The Stand Up Night Stage where you can tell bad jokes
    • The Oakshire Bar
    • The Bazaar, which sells items at lower-than-standard prices -we sell lots of stone bricks-
    • The Soon To Be Availible Costume Shop
    • The Forge, with the world's greatest rollercoaster evaarr
    • Employee Rooms
    • The Sun Cafe, built by my partner in crime Kokorocala -his res is next door, go check him out-
    • AAAAANND x7mx's hobo cave of Homelessness
    • Also, an SSRC Embassy I have yet to finish
  2. Oh, and that one store on the top of my res? Out of comission