The Clock Tower of SMP8

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Would you like to know more details/explanations/designs regarding the redstone of this build?

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  1. So i made a clock over on SMP8!
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    Oh, and then i attached it to this thing...

    This is the working clock tower of SMP8!
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    Teleport locations:
    • top
    • mid
    • sw
    • se
    • ne
    • nw

    Two handed, working clock with all 12 position for both the hour and minute hands...

    A TON of redstone wiring...

    And A LOT of redstone logic ciruits...

    The tower has seen better days... collapsing down into the earth below...

    And finally, if only we always had this render distance

    If you want some more photos, head over to!

    Circuit basics.
    • Two clocks.
    • One for minutes and one for hours.
    • The minutes clock updates from a standard redstone clock;
    • The hours clock updates when the minutes clock hits 12.
    • Both clocks are of the same design, each uses:
    • 4 JK Flip Flops
    • 3 AND Gates
    • 12 "Filters"
    • 4 binary data lines: 1, 2, 4, 8

    Normally this type of counter would go to 0-15
    This one resets to 0 when the output gets to 12

    Each of the filters uses a mixture of different redstone circuits to turn the binary output into analogue.
    It is this output that is passed to the clock face.

    Tower basics.

    • 155~ blocks tall from the lowest point.
    • 125~ blocks tall from town road height.
    • 2 clock faces.
    • 2 logo faces.
    • Face diameter: 45 blocks
    +time / deceptious-4 / 17122
    Thanks for reading! This isn't my first build (check out my 1st/2nd/3rd or +ship on smp8) but it is my first thread about one, come check it (them) out!
  2. Holy Moly that looks complicated :eek: Thats amazing!!
  3. Wow, that is amazing and it works!

    And how long did it take you to build it?

  4. Smp8 pride, nice workdeceptious. Gonna check it out later in the week
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  5. Let me quote that Pure elegance Lots of detail lots of thought put into this build
  6. For the clock itself, just a few days, i managed to get it all set up and running super fast actually.
    Khixan kept expressing her amazement at that :p
    The second face was maybe another day after that.
    Both logo faces another day.
    The structure itself then took a couple more days, then the sunken half about a week or so i think.

    I'm not 100% when I started it... not long after we opened the SMP8 public utilities :)