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  1. Hey guys!
    Once I get diamond membership (or gold), I shall claim another residence besides my current one on smp9 (18513).
    I have gone ahead and made plans....
    Here are the blueprints for the new residence:

    Statue of Liberty
    And This:

    Golden Gate Bridge
    And This:

    Great Pyramids of Giza
    And, Even This:

    Eiffel Tower
    If I Have Enough Space (Probably Won't):

    John F. Kennedy Airport
    All of these will be miniaturized and put on a utopia residence. Again, all of this depends on me getting diamond or gold membership! If you have other ideas, post them below! Also, material donations are gladly accepted!
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  2. i like 1,2,4 i think the pyramids are something anyone can do. and the airport is too big. besides all that, this is a great idea and i support it 100% i defiantly will be donating.
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  3. I have the map for the John f Kennedy airport, it's in the new port and vector city map creation. So I could help you build that
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  4. Is there a limit on how many Utopia res you can get? You might run out of space by number 3 :p
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  5. Do you have a Planet Minecraft account so I can follow your epical builds!
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  6. I don't. I will get one on Sunday!
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  7. Thanks! Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Thanks!
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  9. Dude, all really amazing! I like the best 1,2,4,5! Three is the Pyramids, which they look great, but there are sooo much pyramids on EMC it isn't funny.
  10. I look forward to that!
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  11. That looks like an awesome idea! The LLO has a golden gate bridge replica so check you might want to check that out. As hash said maybe not the pyramids. But the eiffel tower, that would look amazing. That would fit on your average 60 x 60 res.
  12. Thanks for all the support guys!
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