The CERN Mob Collider!

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  1. Alrighty guys, so at 4202, the same spot where the Dirt 'n Nuke contest is being held, I am making a Minecraft version of the LHC in Europe. To do this however, I am going to need lots of help.

    Donations list:

    Powered Rails
    Red stone Torches
    Sticky Pistons
    Pig,Cow,Mooshroom Eggs
    Reds tone lamps
    Red stone ore
    Iron doors
    Gold armor

    Help list:
    I need someone that can build a 6 high, 6 wide spherical tunnel around my res
    An insanely experienced red stoner.
    An interior designer
    Someone to help me research CERN details that would make this res awesome

    Let me know if you can help, of there is anything I should add, or if you think I missed something in particular.
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  2. I have 1 stack of redstone ore how much would that be?
  3. I am not purchasing anything yet. When i am ready to start building, I will being to buy whatever else I need.
  4. Ok
  5. So what is this?
  6. Let's destroy the universe serververse!
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  7. Look up CERN Particle Collider in google video. What this will be is the Minecraft version where I smash sped-up mobs in mine arts into each other, and what happens is the 2 mobs and minecarts quickly become 1 mob and 1 cart that actually really kills both animals, leaving a dropped cart and whatever meats in a pit.bits ally cool
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  9. Im ready for cern! :D
  10. Seems like a great idea! Let's smoosh those cows together in the name of science! :)
  11. Portal reference…PORTAL REFERENCE *Facepalm*

    EDIT: See my previous post
  12. I was going to say 'This isn't Aperture, but I was thinking a bout a half-Aperture,half-Black Mesa res.
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  13. Yum!
  14. me and VITIRI are good redstoners
  15. Why do you need gold armour?
  16. I could help you with the ring construction. By 6x6 tunnel, are you including the walls (giving a 4x4 space) or not ?(the latter case would give an 8x8 total space used).

    I also could give a hand at laying out the circuitry, even if I'm not PThagaard :)