The Ceremony of Release

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  1. Okay, i know what the title says, but I'm not going to die. :p Anyways, I have had a great time with you folks here at Empire Minecraft, and I will be leaving as of the end of June. I will have a grief party, a drop party, and last but not least, a trivia to see what you know, and you will earn rupees for answering each question. The drop party will be at June 15, about a week from now. I will drop minerals, ores, rare items, and exp bottles. I will also give out 1k for each trivia question answered by the first person to answer. The grief party will be the day after the drop party (June 16), and you can destroy all you want! I have not started to build either, but I will get started on it as of now. Also, I am thinking of a number between 1-1000. You may have 3 guesses. Winner gets 25k!

    Anyways, here is trivia question number one:
    In the sitcom comedy King of the Hill, which song is Kahn and Minh's "song?"
    Kahn: Hey Minh, this is our song!

    I will miss you all, and the trivia questions will be updated until 10 are asked.
    The reason I will stop playing is because of schoolwork and other stuff. Thank you.
  2. I hope you return as quickly as possible. You will be missed by a ton of people.

    Do return!
  3. 7, 430, 999
  4. 7,430, and 999 are recorded.
  5. 666 1 1000 please
  6. so close... anyways, they are recorded.
  7. 333, 100, and 750 please. :)
    Unfortunate to see you go, but the competition you have for us is really cool :p
  8. Yeah, I'm like a Robin Hood... Buy this, that, and some stuff that require real life money, then give it all away.
  9. 49, 535 , 506
  10. recorded
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  11. So sorry to see you go. :(

    2, 678, 997
  12. 13,504,993

    "Hot Mama" <--- The song

    I will miss you! I don't like to see people leave EMC.
  13. 1,2, and 69

    Sad to see you go :( I wish you luck in your future rl endeavors :)
  14. 623,624.654
  15. 222, 777, and 999 please. When everything passes you should return to EMC!
  16. The song is not "Hot Mama," and it is a 70s, 80s, and 90s song. All of your answers have been recorded.


    I will tell you guys the trivia answer when this reaches the second page.

    Trivia Question #2: Which album made by the heavy metal band "The Scorpions" is considered one of the most controversial album cover ever?

    3 Stacks of iron
    2 stacks of gold
    1 stack of diamonds
    2 stacks of exp bottles
    Some enchant books
    ... And some other valuable crap people might want :p