The Burrow: A Build by Ahzeriel

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  1. I've recently finished a recreation of The Burrow, from Harry Potter (Based of the description given in the books). I built it, I however did not design it. It was designed by lynchyinc, who is a site moderator at Planet Minecraft. If any of you guys would like to see it, it is on smp2, residence number 3580. Hope you guys enjoy it. =) Link to PMC site post:

    A picture:

    Congrats to Five_Star for winning 1,000 rupees, for giving me the name of "Flying Ford Anglia"! =)
  2. thats amazing :D
    Ive read the books and seen the movies, i enjoy reading very much, and that building is amazing.
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  3. what texture pack is that?
  4. Hahaha Thanks, it's the one he used, but I've used it for ages. :p
  5. The res # isn't 3850 it's 3580. Checking out the build right now and it looks amazing!
  6. That's what I get for rushing. Fixed it. >_<
  7. The "Flying Ford Anglia" is the name of the car.
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  8. Will be paying you now. =)
  9. :D, having a friend who quizes you in Harry Potter everyday can be quite useful xD
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  10. I will be their as soon as I can :D
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  11. You have any other awesome builds, or any ideas for a good world wonder for me to make?
  12. It's great. Congratulations on such a good build.
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  13. I have a half built Malfoy Manor on Smp5. That's about it. Try looking up real houses and random buildings, that always helps me find something.
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  14. *pulls out wand* Bumpus! :3
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  15. what is your texure pack?
    do you have a download link for it?
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  17. thank you :)
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