The Buildmode warning notification

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  1. In regard to the little message that flicks on/off every 30seconds that sits above your toolbar that says: 'Warning: Buildmode is active"
    - Id like to see that permanently there while buildmode is on.
    Or at least the ability to toggle it from perm-on to 30sec flash as it does now(incase anyone prefers the 30sec flash)?

    Its too easy to miss.
    Ive experienced this a few times, and i know of others who have as well.
    ie; You making a build, a big one, spending hours on it, your distracted, you flick to another smp for some reason then return, not thinking and right back into it again, after 10/15/60mins, you realise you hadnt seen the warning buildmode flick on for a while, so you stop and watch/wait/hope... it doesnt appear!
    Everything you just created in that last 10/15/60mins is unprotected, you have to dig it all up and rebuild it, and thats assuming you know exactly what you did.

    If that little warning sign was there permanently when /buildmode is enabled (not flicking every 30secs) you would have easily noticed it missing.

    in brief: if buildmode is active, the 'warning: Buildmode is active' message is displayed (not going on and off). (or a toggle so you can choose flash or perma-on)

    Anyone else having this problem?
  2. i actually preffer the 30sec flash cause then i can see that change is happening in the screen. if it just sit there, i would just ignore it...

    but sure, a toggle to make it flash or perm can be added
  3. +1

    I think (not sure) that it used to be shown quicker but got delayed a bit more. Having an option to customize this would be very useful. I would like to have this pop up every 10 - 20 seconds or so if possible.

    Still, these days the only thing I rely on is /buildmode on, and that's it. Sometimes I even use that command while I have a good hunch that buildmode is already active, simply because I want to be sure.
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  4. Asking myself what the use is of /buildmode if we cannot turn it on by default.
    So you not need to remember to turn it on. I just want it default on.

    It happens 99% of the time that i placed lot's of blocks and then remember that buildmode is off. aargh. :mad:
    So the protection of buildmode is less good because i cannot turn buildmode enabled = default

    So, i still wish option that we can turn buildmode automatic on when we login !

    In frontier it's to important, and i forget it to many times.
    Especially if your used to other worlds where things are default protected.

    Oh,m other annoying thing is the build mode enabled warnign. sometimes it seems not to appears for a while so you need t type /buildmode to check if it get enabled or disabled.
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  5. Def want this or at least make it toggle-able. Also wish it could stay on when switching to another server and back.
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  6. I've done this before countless times. Thank goodness I'm a slow builder.
    I feel like you should be able to have /buildmode stay when switching servers. I mean chat stay the same when you switch.
  7. I have had this issue a few times where i loose connection and come on and forget its on... If it was Perm On, then I would remember that it is on or off....

    But maybe have it small somewhere, where it is not in the way and too distracting...
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