The boss mob momentus is to over powered

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by fat_batman, Aug 15, 2013.

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  1. the mob killed me in 1 hit when i had full god armor
    i was on a minetrip and it attacked me and my friend i used my golden apple and i lasted the 30 seconds of regen then died instantly
    i got my god armor and rode over to finish it and then died in one hit i think it needs to be nerfed if the strongest stuff avalible isnt enough other players have killed it but this was my experience
  2. We havent had problems killing them lol we deal with them 1 a day.

  3. These Contradict.
  4. Actually, false Kells...we I had to deal with this earlier.
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  5. lol yes but i got to watch ;) pretty tiring
  6. sry this was my experience i dont know what happened but i it did a little to much damage i think it may have been a glitch also minecraft server connection is down for some reason so it my be the cause not sure though i may have been unprepared for it
  7. The log-in servers being down is not to be blamed for your bad experience with Momentus. :)
  8. im not blaming it im just thinking something must have been wrong it was unreal
  9. it my just be a bad experience
  10. princebee has a point somthing must have been wrong but i dont know dont hold me to it
  11. bet i got a 5 or a 6
  12. If you can get ahold of a Sr Staff or Admin online, they should be able to "replace" him for you if you want...
  13. sorrry if i caused any trouble i was just voicing my opinion on my experience
  14. No trouble, you have a bugged momentus, so we can kill it for you, and optionally spawn another if you wish to fight it.
  15. ok i understand, I will get an admin or a Sr staff to deal with it if it is still spawned. so no one else gets killed by it.
  16. well i have check to see if he has despawned and he has. Or he just left that area i dont know. I may request for a fight but we will see i have to get back all that gear i lost first thanks for your support i will request this thread to be shut down
  17. i wasnt looking for a fight so i may just take it as a bad day thats all
  18. No need to accuse people of hacking just because you're having bad luck finding them.
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  19. My apologies for not realising that accusing somebody of hacking was a joke.
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