The Boom Is Coming!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Faithcaster, May 7, 2013.

  1. ooh good,
    what is it?
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  2. Ah yes. The boom. What?
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  3. So...Whats the boom?
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  4. Think about it, it's quite simple
    24 days

    I'm an old EMC player.
    The BOOM is coming closer!
  5. 365 days ya'll. 400. Possibly 500.
  6. Old EMC player.
    Old Man MC Skin.
    Ranting about a "BOOM"
    No one understands.

    Seems Legit.
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  7. Maybe it's gonna be the end of the world?
  8. I joined 10 days after you Spenser. If you don't know I am stumped. ;)
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  9. B- Big
    O- Objectives
    O- Overate
    M- Magic

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  11. there will be a doctor who episode on that day?
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  12. It will be his 400th day.
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  13. That's correct
    But how to make the number 400 explode?
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  14. I think it's about the TNT.
    TNT goes boom.
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  15. Do we all get TNT to blow up your shop? :p
  16. Free TNT!!!! Jk ;)
  17. When I saw the huge 24 I thought of this.

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