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  1. Hey all,
    I was just wondering how people would explain how Minecraft is able to work, physics wise. Like, is it magic? Maybe an evil spell. Maybe a mad scientist? Maybe everyone is just extremely strong and is able to haul around tons of stone? Use your imagination...
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  2. Notch.

    The mystical power of Notch...
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  3. We use and andvanced scientific tiny little Shrinker that shrinks everything we hold. Our worlds are built on massive anti gravitational pads that apply to everything except sand, gravel and liquids. And ourselves. We(players) are generated in a virtual computer that let's us move around in this world. Without it, we would collapse like a star and become a black hole. Nothing can be built above the level 255, as we become weak and due to the lack of oxygen up there. These so called "monsters" are simply bugs, we cannot remove then without removing our physical selves, that allow us to eat. When we remove monsters, this state is called "peaceful". Safe yet boring, it is almost impossible to due by accident. When we die, we are "teleported" in words, to the place we last slept in. If no such place is available, we return back to the place where we originally entered the game.
  4. I'm torn between which story is better
  5. Hmm, ima go with maxthegreat2, but if anyone else can think of a story to explain it, give it your best shot
  6. HAHAHA, nice! :D
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  7. That is the answer for everything XD.
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  8. Minecraft was created when a mad man by the name of notch set off TNT in his computer setting off a chain reaction which created a rip in space and time which then created an alternate universe that we have come to know as minecraft. This rip in space and time altered the alpha particles of the universe by gamma radiation and mutated the gravity fields so that everything is able to float. At the beginning of minecraft, everything was able to float. Over time these alpha particles of some materials (sand, gravel, water, etc.) have started to deteriorate taking away their anti gravitational properties. Scientists estimate that grass blocks will be the next block to fall. Then came the dark days. A war broke out between our world and the world of minecraft. We were fighting over who could have control over the code that dictates how these alpha particles react inside of minecraft. This was called the war of Alpha 1.0. The first virus to be implemented by the enemy was a nasty code. It resurrected the bodies of fallen players and these were soon to be called zombies. The next to be implemented were the skeletons. We fought back hard against these mobs and our victory was almost assured. Then IT happened. The darkest creature that spurred from the depths of hell came forth. At first it was mistaken for a passive mob and are forces tried to give it hugs. But then it exploded. A nasty blow was given to our forces. Almost all of our hope was lost. But a few of us had not given up. A secret group code named 'Project S' was started to create a new soldier. One that we needed to fight and win for us. Codenamed steve, this soldier was the best. He fought back against many mobs. One by one they fell. Steve had show us the path to victory and had taken us there. We had won the war. And so through advance technology and physics our special team of humans use alpha particle mutators to transform anything in the universe that they seem fit.
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  10. Ha, Awesome story!!! Would make sense 0f most things in Minecraft...
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  11. Until a crazy coder, by the name of "Aikar" decided this was not enough. Using all his skill he created monster of much greater power, by the names of "Momentus" and "Marlix". These terrorize the good people of the Empire. But he didn't stop there :eek:. The minions of these all-powerful monsters are the "enraged skeleton" and the "enraged zombie". These are surrounded by fire and can attack faster and stronger. No matter how dangerous these monsters are, we strive to protect ourselves. With the strongest of our "Steve's" we will win.

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  12. There are no circles, which means atoms are cubic. So, mollecules are cubic too: everything is made of salt. And that's why the cake is a lie, because it's actually made of SALT! Even the sugar is made of salt! Everything is a lie!
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  13. i think when stuff goes into your inventory its shrunk and loses its weight
    as for the floating stuff...

  14. Notch Pearson was a 12 year old kid and it was his first day in Middle School. As he arrived he found out quickly that not many people are nice. He got pushed and teased for only having the name " Notch ". Everyday when he got home we would crawl into bed and dream of a place where he was god, a place where he was in charge. He imagined a place full of blocky adventures and greatness. He began to create the world his was and made it as big as his imagination can make it. He did this every day until it was the start of the 2nd semester. He met a new kid named Jens who also got bullied because of his name. Jens told Notch to just call him Jeb. They became the bestest of friends and Notch shared his mystical world with Jeb. He told him all about the cubicle wonders and great stuff, soon they were both adding more and more stuff into their world. They decided to call it MineCraft. They would have a lot of fun inserting little people they called Steve and watch them attempt to survive. Unfortunately after 5 months of the great fun, Notch's bullies took things too far and Notch was in the hospital with only 1 day to live. Notch asked Jeb to promise to keep Minecraft safe and to never give up on it. " I promise " Jeb said with a tear in his eye. Jeb decided, in his honor, to add a Guardian. Jeb was thinking of what to name the " Guardian " in Notch's honor. After a few hours of thinking Jeb named him Herobrine.

    Ever since Jeb has kept his promise.

    If you find this at all offensive tell me and I will take this down. This might make 100% no sense but I thought I would give it a try.
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