The best part about the site improvements

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by zervados, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. Just me?
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  2. I WIN! I told Aikar that More should be at the end and he did it =)
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  4. I always agreed, just thought it would involve more work than it did, but found out how to do it w/o haxing things.
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  5. Wow Aikar, the EMC Website is looking better and bigger!
  6. Wow, the site is wide. :p Time to go explore the new improvements!
  7. The main benefit of the "Wider" appearence is actually the fact it will now shrink to smaller screens! So it should be a little easier on mobile interfaces now
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  8. Wait, are we running a new XF version? Or has the theme just been changed dramatically?
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  10. Added a few user css entries to change the pages width settings. still on old.
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  11. Yeah, I realised just after I made the post that the text editor was the same :p

    Would it be possible for you to return the page width to what it was on originally larger screens? I've never been a fan of very wide webpages. :p
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  12. The wider appearance is throwing me off o.o
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  13. Agreed, although I have my page zoomed in 150% and nothing has changed. I have it zoomed in because the mmajorityof Xenforo forums don't look right to me unless zoomed in so everything fits and isn't hard to read. :p
  14. gave up on the mobile friendly stuff that made site wider, it didnt work right and would require a lot more work.
  15. Why am I not seeing the same menu as everyone else? I have site help instead of more.
    edit: nvm
  16. You clearly must be seeing things!
  17. Weird. it all changed after I posted that.