The Beauty of The Empire

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by cdog1998, Mar 19, 2015.

  1. Hey! I've been taking pictures around the server with a beautiful shader to show off people's creations in the best way possible!

    As an example, I put a picture of my own property (which is also a shop)!

    If you want a picture of your creation, just reply to this topic and tell me where to go!

  2. Um.. How do I put screen shots...?
  3. I tried that several times and it didn't work...
  4. You can attach a file and then hit the full image option to the attachment or you can upload the picture to tinypic (or any picture website), then copy it, and press the little icon of a tree in the editor part of your post (Buttons above your post)
    and paste it in there and it should work. Sorry if this was a bit confusing, I'm don't upload a lot of images so I'm not an expert on it. :p
  5. Or just upload them to an image sharing website ( and then use the designated BBCode to post them swiftly to the forums. :)
  6. Okay, thank you! :)
  7. Residence: Seffychan (SMP8)

    If you'd like to, you could go to my residence (16097 on SMP8) and a take a screenshot! I don't have any current screenshots of my residence with shaders.
  8. which shaders are you using?
  9. we were both using seus shaders
  10. My smp8 res is still a work in progress, but the upper portion is mostly done. I'd love to see a night shot of it with that shader. No idea what number the res is ;) /v Bellringer01 should get you there.

  11. The shaders look great! :)