The Battle of the Ages

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  1. Since there's no pvp on EMC, we can't have a Hunger Games. However, I found a program that has flawless prediction skills, so we can have our own mini-Hunger Games.
    In district one, we have "The Owners", starring Aikar, who is secretly a cat, and Maxarias, his wife who just sorta disappeared a few years ago.

    In district two, we have "The Community People", with Krysyy, our community manager, and Ignoramoose, who has also not been seen for a few years. I'm sensing a theme here.

    In district three, we have "People who break things". There is RainbowChin, who is chin, and some random guy named Obama_. jk i swear i don't actually hate obama plz dont hurt me ;n;

    In district four, we have "The Birbs": LuckyGreenBird, who is a parrot, and ItsMeMatheus, who is a water parrot.

    In district five, we have "People who don't suck at writing", with Hashhog, who is famous for writing The Inkstain and Kephras, who is famous for, um, writing.

    In district 6, we have "Team Rich People", including samsimx, who is rich enough to have someone pester him for money enough to fill up two full pages of his profile, and Donald Trump, who started off with a small loan of a million dollars.

    In district 7, we have "Past and Present Devs", with Breeyzman and just_five_fun. I don't know what else to say here.

    In district 8, we have "The Star crossed lovers". We have FDNY21 and AnonReturns, who both seem to have the exact same profile pic. See what I did there?

    In district 9, we have team "Strength in numbers". Both azoundria and SkareCboi need something to spend their money on other than alts. :p

    In district 10, we have AmusedStew and BurgerKnight, who are both food, uh, people. Totally didn't include this because I was low on ideas.

    In district 11, we have 0hJadzia and Qkazoochan, who proudly represent the true nubbiness of smp8.

    Last and certainly least, in district 12, we have "Ded, u, nununu u, ^", with the deddest nubs you've ever met: Dufne and OddWalrus.

    Let the games begin!


    Why were you on a frozen lake in the first place...?
    I bet he pecked them to death.
    Oh, uh, Aikar, you saw nothing.
    Do I want to know?
    Land mine: 1. EMC: 0.

    Continued in the next post.
  2. ...can you not just /tp to her?
    Such violence. Think of the children... you should be ashamed of yourselves.
    *looks outside* *sees a squirrel* ACKAKCKCKAKCAKGETTITAWAYFROMME
    ScareCboi going haaaaaaaaaaaaaaam
    Nice going, breezy. Now you won't be in his will.
    Injuries? What injuries? Did knowing that someone tried to poison you bruise your feelings?
    Land Mine: 2. EMC: 0.
    I think we need more resilient staff.
    Wait, isn't Krysyy dead?
    Land Mine: 3. EMC: 0.
    Skare, please never attend a UHC. I think the others would like to win some time.

    I need a hobby.
  3. I like the part where lucky pecks me to death
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  4. Did you use some sort of program to generate this or is this just images and a custom made story?
  5. I laughed for a while after reading this, what was the program?
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  7. Omg, when me and my pals found out about this. It was just chaotic
  8. Why the hell was I on a frozen lake?... Im not dumb enough to not test the ice to see if its safe. Plus, I live in Florida. As much as I love the cold, I wouldnt be near a frozen lake.

    edit: And why didnt Knight save me? He was my partner...
  9. Damn, is this program accurate or what?
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  10. Ok so... before I drowned I was all like...

    When I died, Knight was all like..

    But then I am like... its okay, you'll make it

    Knights like

    But when Knight falls asleep I am like

    Was trying to find a Zeppelin song for my story because Rhy said Zeppelin was only "Ok". Pfft.
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  11. You should do this again with different people!
  12. This took me like an hour and a half .-.
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  13. Oh wow...
  14. What happened to Burger and Kryssy? *re-reads the post* ... Wow.
    You couldn't come up with anything so you said, "Died."
  15. Wait... How did Burger die? "Unrelated injuries" when did he get hurt?!
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  16. I dont know, I was there for him but he just must have slipped on a pebble... Sad for him... sad...
  17. "IT'S JUST A FLESH WOUND!" (old joke is old)
  18. So how did I come back to life?
  19. /summon @p [type=Player:[PlayerName=Krysyy]] ~ ~ ~
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  20. Well, you're Krysyy... I thought the answer to your question was just a given.