The Arabian Marketplace - New Merchants required!

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  1. As per:

    I've been away for the last week and have returned to find that almost all the Merchant stalls are currently out of stock and from what I gather, have been for some time.

    As such, some Merchants will shortly be facing eviction and there will be vacancies for new businesses.

    This is a profitable venture if you are willing to keep your stall stocked. Positioned next to the SMP7 Spawn, it gets all the new players through it.

    Apply in this thread with what you intend to supply and I'll contact you once I have a vacancy.

    I only have three chests in that Market and I made about 10,000r out of them selling Diamonds, Iron, Sand and Wood saplings.

    Don't miss your chance to be part of this great venture!
  2. if the 2cd or 7th stall come open I'd like to rent them(Really would prefer 7th). Let me know.
    I'd be selling Iron(Ore, Ingots, and swords), Diamonds(Ore, Diamond, and various tools), and Stone(Stone and Stone Brick). Along with Logs/wood depending - I can't access the server until Bukkit updates, but if the 7th stall comes open, I'd be willing to pay for any time I can't actually use it too(once I can get online).
  3. I would like to have only a big chest stall with diamonds on your res, sometimes i will come to restock but I also sell on SMP4 myself. How much will that cost for rental?
  4. I would like to claim one, how much would this be and how would this work out?
  5. It works on a per-week rental basis.

    Most stalls are 100r per week rental which you pay up front and can then pay as many weeks in advance as you like.

    The only catch is that you need to keep it stocked within reason. No stock means no customers to the market as a whole.

    Remember to post what you want to sell.

    Single chests can be arranged at a much lower rate.
  6. Then i would like a only 1 small chest for diamonds, they dont take that many space lol, PM me for the price please, but I would like to have it next to the main entrance, it doesn't take that many place over there but I will pay more than a regular chest for its place then.

    BTw, Diamond for about 45r at my place :)
  7. Ok I would like a chest setup about 6 chests, Glowstone for 25r/ea., Blaze Rods for 25r/ea., Diamond for 55r/ea., Coal for 10r/8 pieces, Iron for 10r/ea., Gold for 10r/ea. and that's about it. Setup a chest next to my stand saying 100r for 1 dirt, setup a booth for it so I can only have access to it. I'll click the sign whenever each week passes by.
  8. Can I have a big stall for Charcoal, Sand and Cobblestone Buying and Selling? Plz give me the most central/visible one available (but any stall is OK, as long as weekly rate is not >200r/wk). I'm in Europe so I'll pay you tomorrow.

    Requested Pricing:

    - 16 Charcoal: B 17,5
    - 16 Sand: B 7,5
    - 32 Cobblestone: 12,5

    Yours sincerely,


    (PS I do not want a stall if I am not allowed to sell all of the above :S)
  9. The 7th stall will NEVER come open ;)

    Seriously, though, I can vouch for this marketplace as an excellent business opportunity. I have made several thousand R in a single day from this stall. It gets a lot of traffic, and kilmannan does a fine job of advertising!

    Edit: I'm sure Kilmannan will build you a stall that looks just like mine if you ask nicely...
  10. should have known some one like you would have the best stall....
    But I would like a stall that looks a lot like it, if possible xD
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  11. I Would like one please, will pay a good amount, more than 100r.

    I sell: ()=how many per sale, thats not my total stock lol
    Melon Slices (stack)
    Melon Seeds(16)
    pumkin seeds(10 or 16 i forgot)
    Glass(stacks, low in stock tho)
    Obsidian(4, low in stock tho)

    I usually keep my items stocked and will cross between SMP6 and 7 to restock, so just pm if I'm out.
  12. How does this work ? Do you get a stall and sell wtv you want on it ! then pay you for the stall or for how many chest you wanna put ! I make More then several thousand a day with my shop alone ! but i want my rupees to climb a lil faster, so ill prob take one for sure ! One that gets alot of attention, i will pay double Bi/weekly rate :p

    -The Pro's One Stop Shop
    -12266 (SMP6)
  13. I'd be interested in taking over the spawn egg shop, at least for a couple of weeks -- I crated up a bunch of critters...
  14. I sell jungle logs. 20r for 10 logs
  15. Random (and in triplicate) ;)
  16. Any chance someone could see our 6 posts and reply?
  17. Yes, I am very random.
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  18. Kilmannan is in the UK -- it's like 2:30 in the morning there. He'll show up in a few hours...
  19. Lol, you guys on the West Coast too?
  20. I'm east coast