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  1. What answer?
    It's up to you. The community.
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  2. "The answer to the ultimate question... Of life, the universe, and everything is...

    Fun Fact: If you separate the 4 and 2, making them different numbers, then translate them to Japanese shi and ni. Then put the two words together, shini, it means death. (shini-gami = god of death).. So knowing that...

    The answer to the ultimate question.. of life, the universe, and everything is..

  3. That fact is not fun.
  4. My answer would be: "brickstrike hit the ground too hard", about an hour ago. :)
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  5. no you need to ajust it for inflation which would make it 47 star trek : )
  6. No, that was already calculated, it's 42.
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  7. The answer is quite simple indeed, which in this case the answer you seek, is the one you shall get, which is also the correct answer.
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  8. That's cheating D:

    With style :cool:
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  9. Wow, you missed quite a bit of the conversation we had Jacob.
    Also, shaun, if I was in a boat, how would I hit the ground?
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  10. The answer?
    That is all that matters.
    Death is just a brief period of time before you respawn
    from the layers of the nether or the ather.
    Life is where you can punch trees, and make the most of the ten minutes
    until death may become imminent.
    So. Life is the answer.
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  11. I can tell you that this is the answer, but, to the wrong question.
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  12. The Green Lanterns know everything. They can see everything.
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  13. How do you know that this is the wrong question, but, for the right answer?
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  14. Lol. No.
    Our moderators may use square, but, they can't see corruption in other worlds, other dimensions then the ones we are present in. Space and Time are endless, never starting nor ending, the Universe a bi product of it all. But, if there were to be more universes, other than ours, ones that occupied our space but, were here long ago, what could have happened?
    What if, similar to how parallel universes work, there were different layers of every being, every object, every soul.
    All existing at the same time, but, unaware of each. What would happen if one came into our perspective, or past, present, and future perspectives?
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  15. Because, if the question is not the question. The answer is.
    But, the answer may lead to different ones.
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  16. The answer to it is- Pie
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  17. Now that is bizarre, i checked out the death location and it is in the ocean, and your boat is still floating on the surface. I also found your items lying at the bottom of the ocean, they are in a chest at 2182. :)
  18. Oh thanks :D Now... Where did I die, I must be 2000 - 3000 blocks away, can you send me coords in a PM?
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