The answer to the question we've all been asking?

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  1. Has the century long question finally been answered?! Has the mystery finally been solved?!

    No but seriously; Is this Justin's alternate account?

    Snap 2012-07-29 at 20.40.46.png

    Snap 2012-07-29 at 20.44.58.png
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  2. It's his twin sister, JustineGal.
  3. Maybe, maybe indeed :confused:
  4. Maybe another of ICC's alts.
  5. I bet you that once everyone saw this, they tried to go onto
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  6. Yeah aha :p
    I saw somewhere that he only has 2 accounts, I think :)
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  7. I actually asked shauwhite1982 a while a go about this- I will try and find the message
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  8. Sorry for Double Posting- There was more in the message- I edited it out because it is an extra secret.

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  9. Aww boo. You killed my dreams D:
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  10. Hey, You asked

    I don't know who's original alt. this is- but this is what it is used for now.

    You should know- that extra information I took out- is pretty juicy, and a certain Moderator would probably prefer I leave it out.:p
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  11. You saying it like that, makes me think thatIwant to see THAT! :p
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  12. Thats what pms are for. ;)
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  13. First some regular players attended the Staff's XBox meeting and now I read that Chickeneer's got a secret with Staff. I've heard of other things too.

    You guys should be a little more discreet so those of us who aren't in the Inner Circle don't feel bad.
  14. I tought this was a troll at the beginning. Lol
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  15. I don't even know if all the staff knows about this secret. It was (more or less) an added bonus when I asked shaunwhite about this :D

    Unfortunately I am not in the Inner Circle
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  16. Alex, how did you even find this?
  17. Ok. ;)
  18. I found it while reading through, I think Utopia's residence ownerships, MileHi was listed in the Minty Green Color