The Amazing Skyscrapers of Empireminecraft (Improved Review | Part 2)

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  1. Should take some time and visit SMP2 sometime
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  2. Thank you for your contributions to SMP2 @Windylava and SMP8 @Tuqueque. Rest assured I have seen much more than I have shown in my video. I planned to make a teaser of the SMPs and going into detail on certain builds instead of just showing everything possible. The viewer should get a feeling of what is possible and how to create things - to maybe feel motivated to also join, explore and build themselves. I also highly appreciated the fanart created about movies - I love both of them - but while theoretically covered by fairuse, you don't know how youtube would react nowadays, so I avoided any copyright concerns, that's why I left out SMP2.
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  3. I noticed in the video that when you were at Mudhut, you missed an actual skyscraper off in the distance!
  4. Ah I guess you were referring to only around spawn? SMP2's Downtown is a bit away from spawn, but totally understand your intent.
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  5. I really enjoyed the video. I have been playing on EMC a long time and still have yet to see all the amazing builds. There's just so many!
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  6. Yeah. Like how SMP6 doesn't exactly have a clear "downtown," with the closest probably being a few blocks south of spawn (between Mudhut and the Secret Santa residence). I really miss EmperorMelon and Baradar67; they livened up that area even before I could start to build anything huge of high quality!

    P.S.: Now that I look on the SMP2 live map, you, Kev and Krysyy have built some pretty cool skyscrapers!