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  1. The Amazing Auction! THIS AUCTION STARTS AT 4000r!:cool:
    -This auction comes with the following:
    -26 Stacks Of Ender pearls
    -4 Saddles
    -3 Stacks Of iron Ore
    -5 Stacks Of Coal Ore
    -1 Stack Of Diamond Ore
    -1 Stack Of Red Stone Ore
    -3 Stacks of Lapis Lazuli
    -1 Stack of gold Ingots
    -1 Stack of iron Ingots
    -Power 4 Enchanted Book
    -Fire Protection 4 Enchanted Book
    -Sharpness 5 Enchanted Book
    -Sharpness 2 Diamond Sword
    -Looting 1, Smite 2, Knock back 1, Diamond Sword
    -Fire Protection 2 Diamond Leggings
    -Projectile Protection 4 Diamond Boots
    -Protection 1 Diamond Leggings
    -Protection 4, Thorns 2, Diamond Chest plate
    NOTE: THIS AUCTION WILL END AT OCTOBER 6TH ON SUNDAY AT EXACTLY 4:00 p.M. Central Time Zone (U.S.) 2013-10-04_17.38.45.png

  3. Sorry, this auction is invalid as items may only be auctioned off in DCs unless they're enchanted. Sorry to ruin your amazing auction.
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  4. Invalid, ender pearls, and etc. must be auctioned in DC quantities :) id be willing to buy the diamond ore though, PM me a price! :)
  5. I'm sorry, but this auction is not valid. Items that are non enchanted must be in double chest quantities. :)
  6. I'm afraid this auction is so amazing that it's invalid. If the item is not 'special' meaning a beacon or enchanted or rare, then you must auction it in doublechest quantities :)
  7. I never knew it took 4 people to tell someone the same thing, huh.
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  8. We all posted within seconds of each other..
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  9. Lol.
  10. I think we get the point
  11. Um...this might equal to a DC...maybe...but if this auction won't close, I can bid 4k. (If it doesn't close!)
  12. I suppose you could hold an unofficial auction in the marketplace discussion...
  13. You can't hold forum-based auctions that don't meet requirements :)
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  14. stay out of this! i must win that auction :mad:
  15. This is invalid..
  16. why
  17. Because the entire auction is.
  18. Items (unless they are beacons, dragon eggs or enchants/enchanted items) are only valid auctions in a single DC.
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