The ages of TF2

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  1. For some reason, I want to know how old you guys think the classes are of TF2. Here's my idea.

    The Scout: He is AT LEAST 23 years old in 1968. (Year TF2 takes place, apart from MvM, but that's not going to be applied.) This is confirmed from a in-game item. So for him to be 23, he would have to have been born in 1945. He would be 67 now.

    The Sniper: I'm going to age him a little more then The Scout, making him 26 in 1968. He would have been born in 1942, making him 70 now.

    The Spy: Lets make The Spy.... 32 years old. He would have been born in 1936, making him 76 now.

    The Soldier: Even without known ages, The Soldier pretty much HAS to be the oldest, as he applied to fight in WW2. Lets say he was 18 right when America entered WW2, and he also applied this year. He would have to have been born in 1923 to be old enough to join in 1941, so he would be 41 in 1968, making him 89 years old today.

    The Medic: He would probably be around the same as The Soldier, give or take a few years.

    :Resting coming soon:
  2. I get the feeling you like TF2 more then I do Portal.
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  3. Possibly.
  4. You appear to be reaching fandom levels of obsession.
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  5. I went through the phase of researching background stuff of tf2 once...
  6. demoman seems to be about 30 in-game.
  7. I have never understood this game.
  8. You appear to be crazy 'bout Team Fortress 2. I don't blame ya. You making a TF2 minecraft thingy?
  9. Understand? Nah, that's a challenge, just play! :) Although I understand...
  10. In your opinion, which the the oldest class?

    I think the Soldier is the oldest
  11. I have never played TF2, can someone explain to me what it is and if it costs money?
  12. On Steam. It is a free to play game.
    The Best i can describe it is that its sorta like battlefield3.
    You have different classes to chose from(eg: Pyro, Medic...)