The advertisment server hopping problem

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Do you consider this spam/annoying?

Yush 19 vote(s) 41.3%
Nu 16 vote(s) 34.8%
potatoes (yush) 11 vote(s) 23.9%
  1. So you're walking around in your res, having a dandy time! There's little to no discussion in town chat, which is fine with you. As you just start your project, a foreigner joins the server! Oh boy! A guy that generally doesn't visit us! Is he/she switching SMP's to us? NOPE. He/she decides to go ahead and type in town chat "Check out my new service/auction/youtube video! (insert link here)" and he immediently gets off, obviously off to wreck havoc to more servers. What fun you just had!
    Can we please stop this? It's getting quite annoying. I'm not trying to target any specific people or so, but it's a nusiance to be disturbed from building with a random message that's advertising a new thing or so. It can be considered spam, and it definitely annoys me, as while SMP6 is as quiet as it can be.
  2. Some people get very persistent with their advertising. I've seen some people come around to server multiple times.
  3. I don't see why it's such a problem, it isn't spamming and just wants people to check out their things. It's just for a second anyway.
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  4. /chat off, /ignore, /wild
    Problem solved
  5. I agree with Pavi, I think that it is a good source of advertising, and it is only 1 or 2 lines there saying, not as if they are spamming it one after another on the same smp. (Yes you can do things on the forums and such, but not everyone goes on the forums)
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  6. It can be seen as more than just two lines. You see their connect notification, their two lines, then their disconnect notification. It doesn't bother me too much, but it is obviously growing in popularity, which will make it become a problem.
  7. true but it is a good source of advertizing. and even if they do it. it doesn't harm anybody. I dont find much problem in it. and it may help a few people
  8. My main problem is the way some people advertise. They'll use no grammar, overuse caps and in some cases, if people don't respond, they may starter bugging people to do something(without people knowing that something is expected of them).
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  9. It may not be a problem for you, and that's fine. But for me, and (hopefully) a bunch of other players, it's quite a nusiance.

    It may be a good source of advertising for them, but an annoyance for other players.

    What if I don't want to block off PM, or if I'm possibly in a group? How will I know the guy who joined is someone who just wants to advertise for a second and wants to get off? What if I want to build in my res, and not the wild?
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  10. I am not saying that this I find this annoying, and everyone else agrees with me, no, everyone has there opinions, and mine is that it doesnt botther me, you may find it annoying and such, not trying to start some conflict here lol:)
  11. :3
    I guess its not thaaat bad. If someone were to post a video they made in town chat. Sure ill look at it.
    As long as they dont go like
    lOk aet mea veido uf fleyig ponies (random video link)

    And spam that a ton then im fine with it. How else do you think people get noticed. Sure those annoying things on tv can drive you crazy but someone might like it and go to it and they wouldnt of been able to if it wasnt advertised
  12. RANT
    I agree with you I find it annoying, like honestly most of the players on the servers are regular than new players, so we ALL know what you're selling, don't need to spam it to every server
    I think it's fine when it comes to a dp or any other event within an hour, but anything about an auction or selling a product, we know where to find you, no need to come to all the smp's after you don't get a sale in 5 mins. The way advertising is set up according to rules in chat is ONLY if you're having like a sale or if someone says "Whats a good shop, where can I buy ___?" It is consider spamming if it's on top of one another like I've seen on smp1. Again we know what you're selling no need to tell us every 5 mins. I'm also getting sick of new players asking for stuff and rupees, it's okay to help but if everyone is busy and cannot help, no need to spam or use caps to capture attention. My first 50 days I never once used the report button but nowadays I find myself annoyed with the rules being broken mainly chat rules. People need to read the rules more carefully not to get on everyones bad side. It's okay to do certain things privately in res chat with friends and in group, but not everyone wants to be spammed, see caps, or even swearing. I'm not saying everyone is perfect, I've broken chat rules before, and each time I said sorry because I knew it was wrong. I'm just getting annoyed with how lazy people are with the chat rules and need to be more respectful.
    And since I'm on a rant about new players earlier I AM SICK OF NEW PLAYERS BEING SO YOUNG, empire does have a age limit that I KNOW has been broken, I don't know if at such a young age if you have a parents permission to be empire it's okay, but due to the new players being typically young (Not all mind you, I've met alot of new players that are decent, also not all young people are bad) are not as mature as they could be, the main thing is respect, and if someone tells you you're doing something wrong, and it's from a player on emc for awhile, do not try to argue, mainly about rules (I've read up ALL the rules and basically know it like the back of my hand, do not try to fight me on if you can use ?????????? too many times, just stop.)
    My hand is hurting me from typing so angerly but I hope some of you understand where I am coming from
  13. If I go on ten servers and type a message into chat is that not the same as saying it ten times on one server? Am I allowed to only advertise once a day? Once every hour? What is an appropriate advertisement? Can I make one for my shop, then later one for my Auction?

    If I have an auction and I want to bump it at 4PM EST, but someone makes a comment like "Where did you get all that?" at 3:15PM then that messes up my plans. Now the soonest I can do anything will be while many people are having dinner. So I just bump my thread using Town chat instead right?

    I often get pms also. People logging in and trying to sell me Beacons or whatever. My opinion is that if I need a Beacon, I'll ask in Town chat for a Beacon and you can let me know that you have one to sell me. That is how we handle shops. Rather than advertising over and over that you sell Cobble, you wait until someone needs it and asks then you let them know you have it.

    Motivation is what matters most to me. It is one thing to announce a drop party or contest. Someone advertising an auction or a shop has something to gain. If someone can gain from it you know it will be abused at some point, so how do you police it? Where is the threshold between a welcome advertisement and spam or begging?
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  14. Basically what they're doing. :p
    I understand that, but I never stated that you found this annoying? wut? :confused:
    Well, I'm glad you agree with me on the fact that this advertising server hopping problem is an annoyance. Though, I don't agree with your other statements. o,o

    Age doesn't matter, it's just a number. EMC doesn't have an age limit as far as I'm concerned. Also, just because a member is older than you, doesn't mean he has more power of you. I've seen a player that first joined 750 days ago, but now just started playing, so.. (Not trying to insult or anything, just noting my side :p )
  15. If it really bothers you that much, just ignore the player for a few minutes or forever. Maybe just try and tell them that it annoys you, or like most people, you can just leave it alone and let it disappear into the chat log. I don't think that it would make sense to make something as simple as a "Hey check out my Auction [insert web address here]" illegal. It's just extra work for the mods to kick or ban a person just for saying a sentence. I mean anyone could say that people having a conversation in town chat is just, if not more annoying.
  16. lol I cant believe people are having problems with this, there are multiple solutions, and it is basically the same as advertising on the same server/...
  17. You may already know I don't like the server hopping advertising. I do consider it spam in every way. And I'd like it to stop before dozens of people from all servers start doing it, and it becomes a big problem.

    True, it's great advertising. So is bumping your thread every 5 mins. And so is posting multiple threads on the forum for every little thing you are selling or service you offer. It's also great advertising to spam 1 towns chat with the same line "Scruffy's Emporium - 10034 - great deals every day, come check it out!" every 5 mins. But all those things are considered spamming, and are forbidden in game and on forum.

    I can see how many people wouldn't mind this, and won't see it as spam. Imagine if there was only one server, and all 200 EMC players were in the same global chat. They wouldn't have to server-hop to advertise, they'd do it once and that's it. (until 5 mins later). Maybe even those in the wild/waste would see the same chat, so it was 100% global. Then you'd have a dozen of those players at least, posting their advertising, amongst a huge already busy chat with 100's of players talking.

    Fortunately, EMC town chat isn't global at all. It is restricted to 1 server, and only the town world of that server. And hence a low population of players. The chat isn't super busy all the time. But then you start getting the other 90% of players from other servers jumping into your server just to spam a line of chat and leave immediately. It's like someone knocking on your house door ever 5 mins to give you a pamphlet. You don't want people forcing their spam on you, especially when they don't hang around to even use your town chat, they're just there to force it on you and leave.

    oh crap.. i'm late for work :)
  18. NZS, your point on how EMC is multiple servers- thus the low population per each one goes against your point. Instead of one person saying his comment to the whole server, he/she can only say it to a part... thus there is a need for this.

    And in most cases an individual only says it once for each 10 servers - how is that a problem?
  19. What's the point of ignoring someone if they already logged off? Like I said, they log on, copy paste their advertisment, send it, and immediently get off.
    I would love to hear your solutions. :)

    and basically isn't is. They are hopping to the different servers to blurt out their advertisments.

  20. LoL- like samsimx stated and i'm sure u read... "/chat off, /ignore, /wild
    Problem solved"

    The reason why I get kinda mad on these issue is because people in life make such a big problem out of something -really minor. I have never jumped and advertised through servers, but really its not big deal.
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