The AC Inc. Square Public Sheep Farm - 4006/SMP2

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  1. After MONTHS of planning, collecting and hard work with construction, the long awaited 4006 public farm is complete! Unfortunately due to the new mob limitations, the huge farm hasn't been able to reach its true potential, but it's for the servers! :D

    Anyone is welcome to use it, and shear, shear, SHEAR at 4006, SMP2! :D You may buy shears on the main floor and everyone wanting rupees is encouraged to sell the wool to 4005! :)

    The project began on May 2 2012 and has been in construction on and off since. Finished build:


    2012-09-09_18.14.45.png 2012-09-09_18.15.14.png 2012-09-09_18.21.27.png 2012-09-09_18.22.01.png

    Thank you very much to everyone that helped out when building and digging, especially Hayleycolgan (for the amazing pixel art), Hokiew (help with collecting) and Zabriel (donating a load).

    - Alex Chance -

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  2. Be careful of the mob cap. You were over it when I last checked :)
  3. I remember the day we finished digging, and when we had to get Shaun to place the bedrock bottom.
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  4. Fixed that up, 6 per colour :)
  5. You may want to keep some eggs and dyes handy in case they despawn.
  6. They don't despawn generally, but nice tip, thanks. :)
  7. Wheat? ;)

    It looks nice! When i can ill gonna look ingame :)
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  8. Please do, and then sell everything you collect to 4005! ;)