The "Abuse" of supporting.

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  1. So,

    I pay gladly every month to have 4 residences throughout the EMC Community.

    However over the past few weeks it has become a trend for people to abuse the "Diamond supporters can keep their residences after they are done supporting".

    Its more or less an everyday thing in town chat - people asking if its legit that they only have to donate 1 month, in order to get all 4 residences.

    So, why am i paying every month? Its surely not for the 1200r a day - its to keep my 4 residences - and therefor it saddens me to see the abuse of the above, and more so - people advising others in town chat to ONLY pay for 1 month - cause you get to keep your residences for a unspecific amount of time.

    Whats everyone's thoughts about this?
    Am i the only one who sees it as a abuse?
    What is there to do about it?
    And is there a reason the resident reset isn't automated like everything else?
  2. It's definitely not an ideal situation, but I believe I read somewhere that it is being worked on. The issue is that if a diamond supporter claims 4 residences and their supporter status expires, it is impossible to know which residence they prefer to keep of the four without ICC and Shaun constantly micro-managing.
  3. I haven't actually seen (or remembered) a diamond supporter that paid for one month and then stopped, ahaha.
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  4. My Friend is thinking of doing that.
  5. I've seen enough of "white names" with 1,2,3 resses.
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  6. I've seen it a few times, and it really grinds my gears. It's supposed to be being worked on, so I suppose we just wait and see.
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  7. We do plan on adding something of a 'supporter' derelict system for those who support and then stop. It will have a grace period and allow you to choose which residences you wish to keep/not keep when it happens. At this point it would just take ones you might not want taken. Justin hasn't had time to write that system up yet, but we promise it is coming.
  8. What? But i donated to keep my residence i donated 3 times as diamond supporter i dont think its fair. Im just a boy D: who pays for my own membership.
  9. This brings up a fair point. It's possible for a supporter to donate for months and then stop for whatever reason whether it is financial or personal. Is it fair for the same derelict policy to apply to an "expired supporter" who donated for several months and someone who donated only one? That might be something to consider.
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  10. Thats a fairly simple answer, Yes.

    If you rent a car for a week - do you get to keep the tires?

    How about you rent it for a year - do you keep the tires then?
  11. Well now i have to take apart what a paid 50k for ._.
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  12. Correct. The reason we have our perks setup in monthly increments is because it costs us monthly costs to run the servers. Sadly, we can't just pay them once and have a server forever.
  13. My supporter ship expired the first thing I did when I had time was a, msg icc to beg not to have my res deleted, and b, RENEW IT.

    Im not a leech I believe this service is worth paying for!!!
  14. I i pay for diamond supporter for one month and after this month pay for gold BUT 4ever?
    can i keep my 4 res?
  15. Just so we are clear im going to keep my first res you guys could take -2,-3, and -4 but not my main one
  16. When we put this in place, you will most likely be able to say: "I want to keep (this res #)" and it will derelict the rest.
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  17. i had to go a month without being a diamond supporter, and a month without EMC together, so i was a normal member, who if i didn't log on EVERY day, someone COULD take my residences. i was very upset that we had hit a rough patch with money, and i didn't have internet accessible to my computer.

    i haven't seen anyone tell others to only pay for one month just to get 4 res's.. i had a normal member status with 4 res's for a week or two before i could pay for diamond, and i HATED it, having four res's yet, can't do anything anymore. say goodbye to utopia wild, and so on.. it was like, not having a job. lol
    :( i hate not having diamond status. i like showing i support, so the only time i haven't been able to is when we are too short on a pay check. i'd be sooooo upset if i was short on a pay check for just two weeks and i'd have to give up one of my res's when i'd be back shortly after. all that work for nothing because within the next couple weeks i could get it back... i don't know if i am going to like the keep, not keep thing... :(
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  18. This is what I mean. Maybe the derelict policy could be implemented for every 30 days or so instead of the normal 10 days.
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  19. We're going to be a bit more lenient I'm sure with the Supporter derelict than the normal 10 day one. :)
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  20. good, because i'm an honest person, and i love to support. and if i had to lose a res or two, or three, when it would only take me two-four weeks to get 20$ to get a diamond, i think i'd just die inside if i knew i wasn't going away forever.
    if i had to dump all my res's but one and get diamond back three weeks later.. i wouldn't care to start allllll over again. :(