The 9000 Mall is now officially open!

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  1. More then a week preparation, 3 days of digging, 2 days of building, and a week of stocking all shops.
    A start of a new mall on smp4, bringing back the economy there. Smp2 might just be no longer the best economy-server. ;)

    A brand new mall, now open at 9000. Don't miss it, we have some extra good deals that are only today!

    We see you all soon at 9000, enjoy your stay!

    ~The 9000 team
  2. It's under 9001
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  3. I am so EXCITED! I could never have imagined such an Opening... THANK YOU for supporting us!
  4. Dude, thats amazing!
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  5. This is cool!

    How many rupees did you earned wiyh this? :D
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  6. Oo so finally finished eh I got come look sometime
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  7. I'm logging in when i ugrade to diamond. First area i'll look at is your mall :)

    Maybe i can find some things i need...
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  8. We already earned 23k with this right now. But it costed more than 250k, so yeah. :D
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  9. That will take some time...
  10. hmm... anyone else notice the HUGE gap inbetween the amounts?
  11. We don't expect to earn it all back in a few days, would be nice if we did tho ;)

    Hope everyone enjoys their time at 9000~
  12. This is an awesome shop!
    I checked it out and most of the prices are in stock and fair :D
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  13. If you have a large bulk of diamonds, that's how you get me in. I'm currently making a igloo village of diamond blocks and ned like 5 stacks of diamond blocks
  14. THANK YOU! We are here to HELP the community not rob them! This is always going to be fair prices for HARD work and ALWAYS in stock whenever we are online! :)
    I can no longer guarantee that we will stay stocked 24/7 but we will do our BEST to get it there SOON! :)
    We are giving away FREE stacks of resources.... AND we are filling some more diamonds in the LOWEST priced chests at 4:30 EST..... first come first serve to the cheapest prices! :)

    Come see us at 9000 at 4:30pm Est :)
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  15. We have at least one stack in each of the price chests.... we are restocking the LOWEST prices throughout the Grand Opening So you can all have a chance... but there is at least one full stack in each of the other chests right now!
  16. NOT for long it won't be there.... Rome was not paid off in a day!
    Give us three more days and see where we are! ;)
  17. Well, looks like i wont be getting diamond supporter... I'll stop by later today maybe, after i sell some enchantment items.
  18. I know, but i think i'm the only one who noticed this...
  19. IKR.... but you know what is so cool about this.... we have designed it and planned it and keep track of every expense.... Just to SEE what happens..... lol

    can you tell I have a Bachelor's in