The 6th B.T.B. Tower: Event Tower

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  1. On May 10th The B.T.B. Event Tower shall have it's grand opening! The Firefloor and maze will not be built as of the time of the opening (knowing how fast I work), but the parkour and drop party rooms will be, so as of before those parts being finished the price will be half for rent. Here is how renting the tower works (in commercial form):

    "Have you always wanted to host your own event? Do you have a ton of stuff on your res and no space leading you to make a dirt hole for a drop party? Well at 19040 we let you rent the res! It comes with lots of stuff to do, in a easy compact space! Enjoy jumping through multiple difficulties of parkour and claiming the prize at the end, also while catching multiple values of items, and coming soon explore the deadly maze of all epicness!!! And soon enjoy our res size Firefloor! I know what your thinking, just how do I get all this AWESOMENESS!!!!! Well you can contact benthebobjr on the forums or on the EMC server and you can rent the event tower for any day anytime (unless someone has already rented it for then) for only 5k/hour!!! :O so cheap!!!! but until both Firefloor and the maze are done its 50% off!!! 2.5k/hour :OO Even CHEAPER!!!! Sales open May 10th after 10pm EMC time."- Future Commercial Guy

    Building Credits:
    Gloaker For the res
    coolmanbackoff12 Building Help
    woblerbutsy102 Building Parkour
    karatekick2001 Building Help
    hallandr721 Proving nothing is "Hall-proof"
    SDOliveira Beacon Buffs :3