the 6502 enchanting service

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  1. we got all the enchantments you want at a cheap price

    need an item tell me and ill get it for you

    i do all item enchantment (but not hoes you cant enchant those)

    the price in negotiable

    please come to the best enchantment service

    i will randomly give out free enchanted items at any time keep up to date!
  2. This sounds VERY famaliar. :rolleyes:
  3. well i made it up lol
  4. Yeah I think you should edit out that one and only enchantment service... Seeing as me, and many other people do this aswell. But I specialize in bows. (wink wink) but hopefully you can get going.
  5. thanks lol your pick is giving me the creeps
  6. Gap542
    Diamond pick: Efficiency 5, Unbreaking 3 and Fortune 3 OR Silk touch I
    Diamond Shovel: Eff 5,Unb3 (Maybe silk touch)
    Diamond axe: Eff 5,Unbreaking3
    Diamond Sword: Sharpness 5,Fire aspect 2, Looting3,Knockback 2
    Bow : Power 5, Punch 2,Flame 1,infinity 1

    Tell me how much you would sell me these items ^ and We'll agree in a price.
  7. Check your sig.
  8. Yea, its a STORE. :rolleyes:
  9. Check again. :)
  10. Dont make fun of my misspelled words. :(
  11. Haha,I just noticed that typo :p
  12. i for the diamond pick it would be around 4-6k
    the shovel can not have silk touch for 3k
    diamond sword arounf 5-6k
    bow 5k
  13. Shovels can have silk by the way.
  14. Hmm. I rather wait till the EMC Update.
  15. ya so do i
  16. I would like:
    Pick- silk touch and unbreaking III
    I'll pay 5k
  17. fortune, max level how much?
  18. Good luck getting that bow, its the best of the best of the best bow EVER.
    I was on creative mode enchanting for an hour and got only 1 of those.
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  19. I got that bow on SSP it took me a lot to get that much xp. I enchanted like 9 bows and got it :p it's beast
  20. i have the unbreaking III ready with out silk touch would you like that for 3K? its on a diamond pick you did not say what item you wanted