The 4390 Mega Mall Has Been Shut Down

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  1. Hello guys. I have some sad news to tell you, today. The 4390 Mega Mall is being closed down for a while. Nobody will be able to get in it. /v HelloKittyInATux 3 will not be available. It won't let you get there. We're not letting anybody in due to the Mega Mall being closed.

    We're closing because we're building something new, and trying to build more of the Mega Mall. But with players there, it's impossible to do that. So we're shutting it down.

    If you need to buy something, or you need to speak to me a about the mall, please feel free to private message me. The link will be below. If this message is urgent, please private message a staff member for the item instead of me. Or, you may try /v +poof on smp2. They sell items, and they're always in stock! ;)

    Private Message Me:

    WARNING: Please don not private message a staff member. Just private message me.
    Good luck.
  2. NOTICE:
    If I am having an auction, that I did, your prize will be mailed to you once you've paid.
  3. Don't do that. We cannot assist.
  4. Okay then. I'll get somebody to help me. Thanks for the notice =)
  5. For future reference, a staff member's job is to moderate players on EMC and work on the server itself. They do not specialize in things within the game itself, nor will they perform unsolicited tasks beyond their job title upon demand.
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  6. Wait, are you saying that we're allowed in? :p
  7. 10/10 grammar
  8. i have a dumb ipad blame the ipad
  9. I'm sure the iPad can't be too horribly stupid.
  10. Lets put this back on topic.
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  11. thank you