The 3742 Treasure Chest Game!

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  1. NOTE: Which door opens does not depend on which treasure chest you open. The chests are there to make the game look more fun. The door that opens is random, based on a 50/50 random redstone system.
    Come one, come all, to smp2's new Award-Winning* Treasure Chest Game! This game is based off of one of the mini-games from The Legend of Zelda. If you have no idea what that is, watch this video to get a basic idea:

    Now in my version, there are no keys; instead, you're either teleported to the next room or to a "rupee room" where you claim a prize based on how far you got.
    Now let me explain in more depth:
    1. You pay 10r for admission via the buy chest.
    2. Use the telepad behind the iron door to get to the first room.
    3. In the first room, there are two chests. Open one. Then, one of the room's two doors will randomly open. One will take you to the next room, and one will take you to a "rupee room".
    4. If you get to the next room, keep playing and try to get as far as possible.
    5. Once you reach a rupee room, click the "sell sign" once. This will give you a certain number of rupees depending on which room you got to.
    6. If you reach the 6th room, you win the grand prize of 100 rupees!

    Here are the rules. Be sure to read them before playing. They can also be found on res # 3742, at the location of the game.

    1. Read all of the rules before you play.
    2. Report any glitches immediately. (Send a PM to "supereskimo" or do /tell supereskimo if I'm in-game.
    3. Do not try to use any glitch/cheat to your advantage.
    4. Only click the sell sign once to get your rupees. If you click it more than once, I will be able to see it via my rupees transaction history.
    5. If you cheat, I will catch you and ban you from my res.
    6. Only one person may play at a time.
    7. Figure out who is next in line before your turn.
    8. No refunds unless a glitch was definitely possible (If I'm not online, take a screenshot and send me a PM).
    9. Average winnings are 9.875 rupees per play. (On average, you can expect to lose 10 rupees every 80 times you play. This is a relatively high payout for a game of chance!)
    10. (See rule number 9) This is a game of chance. Don't expect a profit! (Though if you do get a profit, feel free to keep it!)
    11. Do not leave the res until you finish your game! - If you leave the residence mid-game, no one else will be able to play until I personally reset the system myself. So don't do it!
    12. (Not listed at res) Don't teleport too fast - it makes glitches more likely.

    Here are the payouts based on the room you reach:
    1st room: 1 rupee
    2nd room: 10 rupees
    3rd room: 15 ruppes
    4th room: 20 rupees
    5th room: 20 rupees
    6th room: 100 rupees
    That means if you get to the second room, you automatically win back your admission fee, plus a chance for more!
    Once you've it played a few times, it should be easy to get the hang of. Enjoy!

    *Won 2nd place in chickeneer's 1.5 Redstone Contest

    Edit: I made the mistake of building it at ground level, so you might want to install optifine so you can turn off the void fog. It's not necessary, but I think it makes it more enjoyable. Here's a video showing how to install OptiFine:
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