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What would you do if you found a diamond support voucher on the floor anywhere?

Redeem it 11 vote(s) 50.0%
Sell it for money (My choice) 10 vote(s) 45.5%
Destroy it (Catcus, lava etc) And forget it happened 1 vote(s) 4.5%
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  1. Hello there.

    While I was eggifying villagers and replacing them for trading, I had a great idea for a minigame!
    Some of you know I did dropzone, and people loved it. But now I have the idea of the 3 villagers.
    How it works:

    (By the way, this is a game of luck) Each Turn, people will give me 10r to 1,000r (I do not want to lose my money too much) Then I will spawn in three villagers in a 1 block space where they can not get out
    If they get 1 Priest, then win double there money, If they get 2 Priests, Then Win triple there money. And if they get three, they will get triple again but some 5 iron with it. And if they get none, they don`t win any money and I keep what they got. What makes it fair is that placing villager eggs is totally random on what type you get.

    If this idea as already been thought or if you think something is not right please tell me.
    Your pal
  2. I think its better if the option where to wait a while (few weeks) and then redeem it.
    I would never redeem it directly, just store it in safe place and wait for a few weeks, in case someone lost it.
    (think that can only be proven by staff)
  3. It depends where I'd find the voucher.

    I visit quite a few residences and you can quote me on this: when I find stuff lying on the floor somewhere I'll try my utmost best to return it. Whether it is a beacon, a voucher or who knows what else. Its not mine, its yours, simple.

    But that of course changes if you're in the wasteland. Then again, thinking about it I think most vouchers are soulbound, so they wouldn't drop anyway.

    But assuming that they could: what I find lying around in the waste is obviously mine. Depending on certain circumstances as well of course. If I find something and 5 seconds later someone comes running up to me and it becomes obvious (and believable) that they died there then I'm not going to be a spoilsport either.

    Still, most likely I'd hold on to it for a while and monitor chat to see if I discover something before I decide on what to do next. I wouldn't destroy it, but I'd most likely decide between using it myself or giving it away.
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  4. The poll was kinda a joke, im more bothered about this minigame xD.
  5. I think the mini game is a great idea! I would be willing to support the idea in any way I can.
  6. I don`t think you can really help too much, but you can donate rupees for me to buy the stuff for it :D
  7. sure!
  8. Thanks :D
  9. I think this is considered a casino witch is not allowed on the empire..
  10. Not true, they just have to be approved by SS. The chance of winning has to be clearly labeled.
  11. I have seen plenty casinos...
  12. Good then :)
  13. Seems good by the replies so i should start building it soon on the meer mall res.
    When i finish there will be a teleport pad that will take you there. I will have full details when i finish
  14. no problem.
  15. You have to state the odds of getting a priest to spawn. That information is easily available on the Minecraft Wiki.
  16. After Searching the odds, It is clear that it is 1/5 or %20 Beacause there is 5 of them.
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