The 3 shyGuys

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  1. Hi all, so Ill just get straight to it, ShyguyThegamer1, Zabuza9, and I have formed a group called the shyguy group! Its basically where we all have shyguy skins and we always back each other up. Its quite funny but a new way of making us 3 the new best friends on EMC. so Yah heres the link. lol.
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  2. If I was in a 1v3 with you guys, I would be absolutely terrified.
  3. hard to tell it's a shyguy skin when you have armor on

    i have a little shyguy figurine that i used to use as a card topper as i played poker, it brought me good luck
  4. haha lol. well in a 3v1 we would all protect each other as we are a group so none keels us! lol
  5. Please welcome The_Beacon171 to the shyguy group!
  6. You may have to ask a mod to change the title to the 4 Shyguys and get a new image with all four of you now... :rolleyes:
  7. Oh, that's awesome. I especially love how you're all different colours. What colour is The_Beacon171?
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  8. Oooh awesome! :D
    please watch the double posts :p
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  9. Yah Ill ask him to do dat, lol gr8 idea.!
  10. SMP2 Mumblers > Shyguys
  11. ahh well Beacon is Black now so we call her blackie. IM blue so we call me Blue shy, Zabuza is red so Reddy, and shyguythegamer1 is green so greenie. Lol
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  12. Can I join? Except, I can't change my skin. It's glitching now, my skin will have to do.
  13. If u want to join u must change ur skin to shyguy and talk to the shy guys tell us why do u want to be a shyguy.
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  14. Oh god. Today, it's best buddies. Tomorrow, they multiply and take over the world.
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  15. lolol muahah. u never know, i may also keel u all!
  16. I feel like I should buy another alt now, as I love shy guys, but I love OrangeDuck and 607 too.
  17. haha lol. if u do, u can be a shyguy. but at the end ur decision. Also, U will be great in our group.
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  18. Ok :)
  19. Please welcome iCrazyEveStar to the shyguys.