The 21st Century. (Text RPG, NOT The 20th Century)

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  1. This game is based off of the same rules of MrLegitislegit's The 20th Century. The game was kind of a bust, because you started out in the year 1900, and every page was 1 year. This game is pretty much the same, if you are unsure about the rules, go visit his thread. Basically, you start in the year 2000, and the main rules are:
    1. No natural disasters
    2. No firing upon another country without declaring war
    3. No taking over countries not owned by a player.
    4. No laser, plasma, pulse guns or hover craft until page 20.
    5. No space exploration until page 20.
    6. You can make up a country.
    7. You can establish treaties, acts, alliances, and groups.
    8. Every time you want to research something, you may only research one thing at a time, and it takes 5 posts to research.
    9. No saying "I just killed all your guys" or saying "I attacked spain" Without even specifying a city.
    10. No saying "I stole your research, that research is set back 10 turns."
    Other than that, use your imagination, and when you research something awesome, be descriptive, and provide a scientific explanation. Here is the sheet to start.
    Population (use current) 82.5 MILL
    Army: Don't make it too big 2 MILL
    Advancements: (choose 1-2) Solar power
    Special unit or ability: Secret Police
  2. I think, instead of doing this, we should all get a CivIV multiplayer game going. That would be amazing.
  3. Name: Sneeker134
    Population: 180 Million
    Army: 12 Million
    Advancements: Grandiso Bomb. Besides a initial explosion, it releases highly flammable, toxic gas after impact, and this gas happens to be hydrogen.
    Special unit or ability: Pulsar Weapons. All it does is disable radio stuff. And sound cool.
  4. Fine i join as china since i cant be oidia.
  5. Nah im not playing
  6. SURE, that's it.... The people who came in and screwed it over had NOTHING to do with it...
  7. Does that game cost money? Im in.
  8. No mean to hate.Expecting us to do 100 + pages of researching all conventional weapons and no kind of energy weapons was set up to fail, you could have thrown an apocalypse in there to spruce things up.
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  9. I didnt screw it i was trying to prevent it. Note im still using dynamite? ;)
  10. 34 pages, now 100. ANY GAME, with an apocalypse, will fail. I have tried it.

    Not saying it was you. :)
  11. To spruce things up for... who, exactly? The dead people?
  12. Ill join if i can use Alaska
  13. You can equinox. Can a mod please get rid of all the hate? This isn't their thread, we stopped talking about this.
  14. Normal Civ4 or Fall From Heaven 2 mod? :p
  15. You have to pay for CIV tho. Anyone up for AOEO?
  16. Yes plz. I want to have fun

    Name :Equinox_Boss
    Country: Alaska
    Population:722,718 (Alaska hopes to increase pop by cloning humans
    Army: 1 million (troops increase 5 million every page if you dont want me to do that is ok)
    Advancements: Genetically engeerning creatures, nuclear wepons
    Specile unit or ability: volcanic tanks(shoot a missle on a volcano and it will erupt with the force of Krakatoa) and the hacking unit(breaches enemy info and replaces it with false info
    If you think Alaska does grusome stuff, then dont cuz we do it to survive
  17. I think I'm done with these kind of games. Maybe i will bring back bone with a totally different idea, would anyone like a post apoc with tribes and stuff of that sort? I might consider it.
  18. Population of Zero? And you DO know there isn't 5 million people in Alaska, right?
  19. Umm what do you mean?