The 14002 Rare Item Museum

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  1. Welcome one and all to the 14002 Rare Item Museum
    This is the first ever museum of its kind. It features no items obtainable from /promo. Many of these items were won at staff events or were given out by staff at one point.
    We feature over 60 rare and unique items such as:
    Arena Blade Edition 008
    80K Armor
    Aikar's Banner Contest Head
    Voter's Blocks
    Several Different Krysyy Heads
    A Dragon Egg

    And So Much More!
    Thanks so much to all of the people who have loaned me items over the past year! If you have a rare item that I don't and you think you may want to let me display it, please PM me!
    epic0258: 80k Chestplate/Rainbowchin Alt Heads
    Highlancer54: His Head & The Horse ManEwwEr
    PalmSugar: 2013 CRAFTA Award
    Deadlyadmin: October 2014 EMC Builder's Wand
    shavingfoam: Community Defender
    Captaincraft300: Orange Krysyy Head
    Olaf_C: 2013 EMC B-Day Cake
    Jackomighty: End Crystal
    LuckyPat: ChickenEar Head
    Rhythmicalllly: The_Pebble Head
    ApcMagician: Emerald and Redstone Voter's Blocks
    Also thanks to OriginalScuf and Prestiged
    To get to the museum go to 14002 on smp7, or go west from town spawn.

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  2. Attention all! I have had several people ask me how they can get their head on the loaner wall and here is your opportunity! I am in need of 4 dragon eggs to surround the end crystal in the center of the museum. If you have one and you want to loan it please PM me and we can work something out.
  3. That place is amazing, I saw promos I've never even heard of.
  4. Bump! if anyne has a dragon egg or other rares, PM me, we can work out some kind of loaner deal.
  5. I could loan "Promo Instructions" if you will need it...
  6. Cool! I saw it today and it looks great.
  7. The 2013 birthday cake was obtained via /promo.
  8. Do you have a list of rares that you don't have yet/want?
  9. I actually already have one on display in the back right.
    The only things I would want are items I don't have hanging up/are loaned.
  10. Would you be interested in buying an old gold voucher? If so, around how much would you pay?
  11. I actually already have one being displayed at 14006, I am looking for an iron one though.
  12. well i can loan you a lot you already have :p
  13. Anyone wanna buy a tale of eternia book? PM me. Looking for about 650k.
  14. Museum Closed For a huge remodel.
  15. Internal stuff done, working on pillars and placment now
  16. Are you still looking for this item? :p
  17. No, fdny loaned me one, it's at 14006
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  18. Update Done, The museum is reopened, I'll post some pictures soon.
  19. Added the new 2016 Aikar Head and a The_Pebble Head