The 12 Year Olds Club!

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  1. This is a club made exclusively for 12 year olds. ( for now )
    I will continue to add names if we find more players that are 12.
    This club is just for fun, it isn't anything big, and what happens when you are too old to stay in the club is yet to be determined.

    Creators: Cordial_Pie and SoulPunisher

    The best form of flattery is imitation, so any other clubs like this club just like my idea.

    I created age clubs before it was cool. -Hipster 12 year old

    When SoulPunisher turns 13, we will make it a 12-13 year olds club, but not yet, only when Soul turns 13.
  2. I am not a female, nor 12, but i have a question:
    Does this mean Soul is female?
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  3. What? No? How did you get that?
  4. She never said this was for females only...
  5. Derp herp.
    I read the title as:
    "The 12 year old GIRLS club" XD
    Sorry xD
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  6. Interesting idea.
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  7. Its okay xD
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  8. Wait, so ONLY 12 year olds? One more year to go!
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  9. The 12 year old club is the coolest club ever... then you turn 13 (The coolest club is the 14 yO club. Expires 11/25)
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  10. Well, since i'm too old, i'm out! :p
  11. Same for me. I'm sure there are a lot of 12 year olds here though.
  12. Discrimination at it's finest! I feel so left out!!! :mad: :(

    (Not really)
  13. imagesCA16DGES.jpg
    ^ ^
    Josh us
  14. I'm 17 and what is this?
  15. Dang it im 13! :p
  16. hahahaha :p
  17. Meh. blame your parents you weren't born when we were.
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