That's enough internet for today

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  1. I don't know what I think about this

  2. What... did I just watch
  3. Wait.... What???? :p
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  4. Note to self: Never watch another video from Alice again.
  5. Well, erm...
    That was a thing..
  6. Not sure if laugh for silliness or cry for human mentality.
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  7. The Attorney General of the United States recommends that Internet should only be consumed in moderate doses, citing things such as this as the dangers of overexposure.
    The Attorney General and I don't get along.
  8. These are amazing videos. That's clearly not enough Internet because you just found them :p
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  9. Shhhh questions...just keep watching it. That way your head won't hurt.
  10. Possibly the most amusing 23 seconds of my life xD

    Oh and I'm pretty satisfied with the amount of people I've managed to scare here :3
  11. Uhm...
    EDIT: Your videos led me to this...
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