Thanksgiving pumpkin pie drop party and writing contest!

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  1. God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?"
    - William Arthur Ward

    Hey all, and welcome to my way of saying thanks to the great community we have here!

    Pumpkin Pie drop:

    Tomorrow, aka Thursday Nov. 22, I will have a drop party of most of a double chest of PUMPKIN PIE >:D

    When: Nov. 22 (Thanksgiving) 9:30 AM EST (subject to change)

    Where: jamesg003-2 (my brother's res) I don't know the exact res number, so just type /v jamesg003-2

    Writing contest!

    Write a piece on what you are thankful for- notice how I said piece. It can be a essay, paragraph, poem, even song! The 5 I like best will get a prize of 1k each. (sorry for really bad prize, I'm spending a bit too much)
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  2. Ohh.. Writing is my forte, but about what I'm thankful for? Ohh, that sounds too much like schoolwork.
  3. CHanged time, bamp.
  4. No one came looool
  5. Finished the drop party, 4 people were there :p
  6. Don't do it when most people are still hibernating then!
  7. It's noon where I live- I'm pretty sure a lot of people were awake...
  8. you can do "/res info jamesg003 2" to find the res #
  9. Maybe people had family over already?
  10. At 9:30am EST I was still in bed :p
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  11. That's 7 AM MST...
  12. "Aww yeah, gotta get up at 7am to get some free pie on a game! ....said NO ONE EVER." xD
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  13. 6:30 AM for me..... -_-
    Also you didn't say which SMP it was on anyway.