Thank You Staff

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  1. Thanks to all staff who make EMC great!

    No fancy giveaway is going to happen or anything,
    this is just a thank you to all staff. If you want
    to thank staff, reply to this thread
    with your message!

    I will be sending a book to each and every staff
    with a thanks from EMC players. PM SEPTHEKID
    if you wish to have your name in the book!
    (Book is still in the making)

    Along with the book a little gift will also come.

    People who helped for this:
  2. Seems like all the cool threads like reserve posts so? Reserved
  3. Erm 3 likes already? really guys... its only been 3 mins
  4. I love this idea also Thanks staff
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  5. I shouldn't be posting, but I will, because yah; I couldn't agree more with a threatd like this.

    I haven't been on the Empire for that long, but if there's one thing I immediately recognized is that the staff members here are there for the players welfare (in general) and not so much the other way around. Meaning? They don't interfere if they don't have to, they keep low profile because... well, 'because' and most of all they expect you to treat them just like any other (this is my impression of the whole thing anyway).

    Meaning? Well; I have been to residences where I noticed deny move flags set for moderators / staff members. And although I don't speak from personal experience (only in-game chat) I am convinced that those flags are being respected.

    And let's be honest here... I think we all run into a situation where we might not agree or think by ourselves "I might have done that differently". Its bound to happen.

    But the one thing which most people overlook, in my opinion, is that durability weighs heavier than the moment. Meaning? It's really cool to organize 1 - 3 events, attended by many players. It becomes epic if you manage to continue doing so for a whole year.

    Same applies to staff devotion in general.

    And now that I'm on the subject I also want to mention that in my opinion the majority of the staff really are up to the challenge (nothing between the lines; I simply don't know and/or have met all of 'm so I honestly don't know). But that opinion was extra fueled when reading that some staff members chose to step down.

    Sounds all too easy; but I think that deserves some credit as well. It takes some pretty amount of self-reflection to come to such conclusions, and it takes a mature person to decide and live up to it.

    Lets just say that I've seen way too many people leave things "as they were" and simply stopped bothering (edit: on other environments). Each to his own, but in my opinion that basically shifts the problem onto people who shouldn't be charged with that in the first place (if this sounds too cryptic; just ignore).

    Last and most certainly not least....

    Its oh so easy to take 'm for granted. (think about that for a moment please).
  6. The staff work very hard for us, so thank you very much.
  7. Part of the reason our community is so great is because of our staff. They are funny, helpful, and do what needs to be done. Thanks to all of the staff for making EMC a great place!
  8. Well time to wake up tomorrow with like 30 alerts, cya all for the night.
  9. We should have a poll for favorite staff :)
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  10. I'd prefer not to get into specific staff as favorite because some staff might be sad if nobody votes for them lol
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  11. Or most helpful ;)
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  12. Not only staff, just whole EMC!

    I love you guys! <3
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  13. I was thinking about doing it for all of EMC but... its sorta hard to send books to 220k people so naw
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  14. Don't forget each new player as they join =P
  15. SEPTHEKID is taking forever to make the book... We need more people to sign it
  16. just pres tab in your chat thing, and write over all names ^.^(if your minecraft doesnt crash :p)
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  17. ;-;
    I'm not crafting 220k+ books nor typing 220k+ names.....
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  18. But... your my little monkey
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  19. Thank you staff :)
    You're really awesome and you put up with all my tough questions and my weekly griefing reports :)
    Means a lot.