Thank you, America and Paris.

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to say a speech and thank the men and women who fought and died in Paris today. This is serious, don't make jokes.

    Thank you for the men and women, and children who died trying to fight. Thank you for the people still alive who fought for us. What happened today was sad, but we stand by you Paris. We love you, and we thank you. You fought them off like a beast, AMERICA AND PARIS FOREVER.

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  2. It was not a war, it was a "sneak" attack from ISIS... thank the public services for rescuing civilians and removing the threat in France...
  3. Children haven't fought? Have they?!!
  4. They have.
  5. When :eek:
  6. Children did not fight against ISIS militants in Paris. This speech is not accurate at all. If a man/woman is pointing a gun at your head you aren't going to move.

    The ISIS militants both died from the police raid, so only the police fought against the militants.

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  7. Let's not make drama out of such a small detail of her statement please.

    It's subjective to say what one considers 'fighting'. 'Fight for your life' can be done in a number of ways beyond traditional combat.

    So, don't make something out of nothing regarding that statement.
  8. Not true, my friend. A great many would seek to remove their head from the line of fire.

    I heard there were families held hostage and those families fought to save one another. That would qualify as fighting right? If a victim struggles to survive, even if they ultimately lose their life, is that not also fighting?

    Maybe not if you only consider 'fighters' those that came into the situation from the outside. But I like to believe that those caught in the situation fought to survive any way they could.
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  9. Thanks Aikar =)
  10. Quick question: What does America have to do with the Paris attacks? From what I can understand the Parisian Police, and French Armed Forces dealt with the situation. The only thing America has had to do with it is offer their condolences, paid their respects, and know how it feels to suffer a terrorist attack by 'Islamic'extremists (which most of the countries who did the same things have also suffered).

    Now for something that makes me sound like less of the tosser I am: Nice homage to the victims. The 'fought them off like a beast' sounded a little out of place though - I don't know if it has a different meaning across the pond, but here it's said as a joke, so it just sounded a bit weird after you said 'don't make jokes' :p
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  11. Yes No. No one was fighting, they were being attacked by ISIS. It wasn't a war, it was a terror attack. The police dealt with it, not children.
  12. The group calling itself 'Islamic State', while it has claimed responsibility, have not been confirmed as the perpetrators.

    Keep in mind it is in the interest of that group and others to claim responsibility for attacks they may not have had a role in to spread fear.
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  13. Please keep in mind what Aikar said. There is no need to argue over semantics when someone is just trying to make a post about how they feel about something like this. Just leave the thread be if you don't agree.
  14. Africa. As usual, nobody reports on it however.
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  15. If anyone really feels bad, an attention grabbing post doesn't do much. Nobody is a bad person for tweeting with a French hashtag, but what we need is people taking action. Standing on a box and exclaiming "you go, France" does nothing.

    EDIT: it is fine to show support, but we need action.

    Lets look at it this way: let's say I walk into a funeral of a middle aged man who died when hit by a drunk driver. His wife is mourning, as well as his children and friends. Now, let's say I yell "thank you for winning" at the top of my lungs in front of everyone. Nobody won anything today. The Muslim faith, France, and humanity lost. The hypothetical man died suddenly and painfully due to preventable and despicable circumstances.
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  16. The attack in Lebanon that killed more people than the Paris massacre?

    I can see why we're talking about the Paris attack in the UK and elsewhere within the European Union, since it's closer to home, but everywhere else in the world is like 'eh... it's just Africa'.
  17. No, more than 3 times as many people died in France compared to the Lebanon massacre.
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  18. That's the thing. People have a state of mentality of this
    Same goes for the plenty of magnitude times higher rate of innocent fatality in car crashes; of which much more than in Paris, but you don't see people changing their avatars and creating countless social media posts about them.

    All we're doing here is acknowledging the terrorists basically won by taking far more French civilian lives than lives out of their terrorist population. Beyond initial acknowledgement, condolences, and perhaps a couple social media sorrows being said, we're only feeding the terrorists attention which is exactly what they want. They aren't just killing people because it's fun, they too want attention.

    EDIT - Also this.

    You could say, from a certain perspective, that civilians sort of fought back by struggling to win while in hostage or any other circumstance. You could say that struggling to retain your life is a form of fighting. You could say that.

    But, they did not win. Step back, look at what happened in the grand scheme of things. 129 killed and 352 injured French civilians. We did not win. We, as the common human being living as a civilian in a country not in a state of war, did not win. We lost 129 lives and had 352 injured, and now the perpetrators are gaining massive amounts of attention which they were completely seeking. It was a loss.
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  19. I'm only going off what I seen on Reddit because all other news sites are full of stuff like '[So-called 'celebrity' here] poses for new photoshoot where she might as well be naked!' or '[footballer] gets his sexy abs out at the beach!', and Reddit told me more people died in Lebanon than in Paris.

    pls forgive me
    I say that, but people here and elsewhere on the internet don't seem to get that concept. And when you do say it, people get offended by it and then suggest alternative ways like commemorating victims - which still gives the terrorists attention. Eventually I just chose to play along with stuff but not bring stuff up myself, like in this post, because I see potential in getting banned for saying stuff like that. With the stuff that gets censored here, it wouldn't surprise me if I did.
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  20. #ReadItOnReddit
    Or you'll be known for being some sadistic being that won't give it crazy attention because you know that's what terrorists want and you chose not to feed the fire..
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