terrible lag..

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  1. i am not sure what is to blame, but this lag is really starting to get out of control.. i do not at all remember EMC being so laggy before the hardware was switched... now its just completely taking over..
    i know half of the people on EMC have computers that are made for gaming and they get 100fps easy, well i don't... i get around 3 when mob arena events are going on, i can't even participate in the events because just watching it kills my computer... i wouldn't have a chance to even try to live..

    just trying to build a simple wheat farm on my res today turned into aggravation and annoyance... 4 people were online, nothing is going on... and i'm stuck on getting severe lag, which has been going on for the last few weeks.. and i'd been hoping it would settle, and it hasn't. it's actually gotten 70% worse than it was last week..
    i lay down 4-5 blocks, one at a time... and have to wait 10-15 seconds before they stop being invisible and load.

    what is going on!? am i the only one having this happen? or is my computer really that bad? :(
  2. My sister is lagging on Empire as well
    She's usually fine but she's having the same problems as you are
  3. Computer Specs? I haven't had any lag lately, then again I do have a gaming computer.
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  4. i do not have a computer that was built for gaming, it plays any other game i play fine.. it plays single player minecraft fine, and it also works fine with other servers i've test driven to see if its just my computer being so laggy and others seem to work fine... but others aren't Empire Minecraft </3
  5. When you start lagging, try using /tps. If this is anything below 20, then #BlameAikar. :)
  6. Hi battmeghs! First off, do you have OptiFine installed? It helps incredibly with Client side performance. with it you can at least turn down some features of minecraft that slow it down.

    Other than that it probably won't fix your problem with participating in mobarenas. There are several other factors also out there, your computer being the first. Minecraft gets really slow and laggy if I keep it going for a long time while doing other stuff. Sometimes your computer could just use a restart because some resources used by programs actually continue to run in the background even after you close them. May not be much by itself, but it builds up. I will usually do Ctrl+Alt+Delete and go to processes and see if there is something slowing down my computer. *It usually doesn't help when I get multiple minecraft windows going at a time.
    Other factors can include the connection between your computer and the server - not necessarily yours or the servers fault just a sucky connection can cause issues.

    Hopefully it starts getting better for you :)
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  7. what is /tps ?
  8. It measures server lag. 20 means No Lag.
  9. i do indeed have optifine installed, i have for months and months now, and i do believe i have mostly everything turned off that would cause my computer to lag, such as depth of looking range, and so on.
    .. i keep everything turned off while i play minecraft because i've ran into problems with it not letting web pages load, i'm not sure if this means my internet connection is terrible, or if its just my computer.. it has gotten a new graphics card in the last 2 months, also more memory sticks which it is now capped with that..
    i don't have 2 minecraft accounts to have 2 games up at once, so that is never an issue with me, but i'm sure if i tried that would complete hell. lmfao

    i will try this the next time i'm online and i have issues with lag, does it record that i'm having issues, or what does it do really?
  10. Hmm I haven't had these issues, this is definitely client side , I think it's probably your connection to minecraft itself. Not sure how you would fix that, I would try resetting the Internet connection with a fresh start, give It maybe 5 minutes.
  11. i had reset it this morning to try to see if that was the issue.. and it made no changes whatsoever with that :( i don't know if it is client side, as like i said, other minecraft servers work fine, and single player servers work fine.. and LAN games function correctly also.
  12. It literally just gives you a number between 1 and 20. EMC should always run at 20, so if it's below, that's the likely cause of your lag (meaning it's the servers, not you).

    If it ever gets consistently low, let the staff know. If notice a cause that gets it consistently low, let the bug team know. :)
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  13. There's been a huge jump in required specifications of Minecraft now as of either 1.4.7 or 1.5.1, Back in the 1.2/1.3 days, I would get 300FPS everywhere maxed, now 1.5.1 comes around I now struggle to hold vSync at 140FPS, this is most likely your issue.

    Edit: I skimread the first post and you talking about FPS made me think it was an FPS issue, Can you try doing some traceroutes in the command prompt and show us what you get?

    Search > CMD > open it and type "tracert smp1.empire.us" no quotes.
  14. Are you downloading anything in the background (i.e. a steam game)? When your downloading stuff it uses up all your bandwidth making anything you use on the interwebz a pain.
  15. i don't usually download things on my computer, because i'm always on minecraft most of the time, and i don't want it bothering me while i'm playing. lol
  16. Hmm, if its just a connection issue to Emc itself, I'd talk to Aikar, maybe he can help you with this.
  17. The lag is from add-ons (modifications) and plugins:

    Just like with normal bukkit - hamachi servers if you don't have enough RAM partitioned to the server and the plugins start overloading it will cause players in game to start lagging or even get occasionally disconnected.

    on track.empire.us/issues ... different people have been sending all these issues, reports, improvements, etcetera for Aikar and Justin to fix ... but when you keep adding and adding it will eventually bog down the server and will have to run even harder to keep up with all the coding and plugins.

    So personally the only way I see it - is if more RAM was partitioned to the server ...
    If not then this might be a Network issue connecting people from their clients to the server ... and that's why people randomly get disconnected (I don't fully see this as the only issue though, because some people never get disconnected, and I have a pretty good connection).
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  18. The servers are fine, there running extremely well (As fast as Minecraft allows them to run) which is 20TPS
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  19. hmm, did you try running EMC without OptiFine. lol
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  20. I just did a spec test ... for every 1ghz allocated ... you can go up to 9-10 plugins and it still be 20tps ... but you can go up to 7 plugins and it still not lag...

    each of emc's servers have about 3.5ghz on a quad... so that's 14ghz ... meaning each smp server can have upward of 126-140 plugins and still be 20tps ... but if it's anywhere between 98 and 140 it will start lagging.

    Maybe those specs will help out a bit.
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