Terrible Lag... is it my Internet? Or the Server??

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  1. So the terrible server lag and connection issues... anyone else have them? Post your misadventures with lag here. Also: I am getting a new and better Internet soon. (I have DSL atm) (LOL I know terrible)
  2. Is this a continuous problem you have been having? I haven't had really any lag issues in a while (except when there are to many mobs)
  3. I've been having problems ever since 1.3
  4. Oh, well I know everybody had some issues right after 1.3 was released; but that has long past for me... Best of luck with the new internet Provider. I remember years and years ago, our family had Dial-up internet. I was happy just to have internet to use - I had no idea just how slow it really was.
  5. LOL
    www.speedtest.net is really eye-opening
  6. If I may ask what you got on the speedtest....

    For Me:
    Ping- 8ms
    Download Speed- 20.84 Mbps
    Upload Speed7.95 Mbps
  7. Not Bad Obama.jpg

    Look at mine:
  8. That is just pitiful; I ran it a couple times, got some better/worse scores; but That is terrible...
  9. What's causing the lag on SMP1 Reason:

    All other pictures were lost due to me lagging out due to amount of villagers. And yes, there were villagers in the house/spawner too. (The villagers were all over the res) Owner: kmd2
  10. yeah, the over-breeding glitch still exists... Hopefully aikar gets the Fix tested and in place soon. I think it is just supposed to limit the number in a residence... We will see :)
  11. IKR
  12. Those speed tests are terrible. They can never get close to my actual download and upload limits. The only time I can truly test my download/upload speed is when I download torrents. And in those cases, my actual speeds sometimes seem to go above my ISPs advertised speed, which makes me think they give us all just a little bit extra so that we'll be satisfied, lol. I really do love my ISP, no trouble, and nothing short of their advertised speed. (I have 50/10 Mbps advertised up/down, btw.)
  13. didnt kmd spend an hour yesterday eggifying his village down to like 100 or something? how did it get that high again?!
  14. Two villagers + a door = child. If he had 100 then that could mean 50 villagers + 50 villagers made one child each?
  15. It is probably your internet I have been noticing no lag on the server and neither have my friends who play on.
  16. Do a Speed test to Philidelphia, PA

    This tells us the speed you get to EMC

    And then do another one to a server closest to you - It should give us some idea if your internet is slow or the connection to Philadelphia is slow

    (In my case - The Connection to Philadelphia is very slow)
  17. mine was 10ms ping, 17mbps download, and 10mbps download. (comcast)

    EDIT: ran again and got 26mbps download :)
  18. It's actually .35 x Number of doors, or about one third. So ten doors will allow you a population limit of 3 villagers. I think there is also a base requirement for the minimum number of doors as well as other things required before they'll breed.

    As to the lag, I wasn't having big lag problems after the update. Other than the lack of mobs, piston glitch and furnace problems I've been fine.

    After the fix today I've been having Ghasts bombard a blaze grinder I built during the mob lull so I've spent about three hours fixing that and putting up curtain walls. Not exactly how I intended to spend my evening.
  19. You guys are so lucky.... and Speedtests are accurate for me, it's very laggy, and I can't play Xbox without it lagging..... :/ Good thing I'm getting Time Warner Cable Internet (Is it better than DSL)
  20. I have Comcast.