Terrible EMC Suggestions

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  1. Hello EMC, recently I was on Reddit looking at this and I thought that it may be fun to EMC-ify it. So, post your EMC suggestions that are just plain terrible and have no chance of making it into EMC here.

  2. Free dragon eggs for logging in every week
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  3. Turn hostile mob spawning on in town every Thursday.
  4. Enraged Creepers are too easy.

    How about, instead of fire they spawn TNT instead. Oh and you can only damage enraged creepers with a Silk Touch wooden sword or else it would be too OP.
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  5. Adding towns to minecraft.
    Adding technology to minecraft.
    "YO gurl, like a creeper came up to me, and blew me up and den I spawned in your apartment. Siri, how far away am I?"
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  6. Turn off res protection to be more like vanilla.
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  7. Anybody up for removing the Supportership? EMC staff can just pay for it themselves cuz supportership is too OP. We should all be able to fly and claim residences on Utopia.
  8. *NOTE* The title of the "article" on reddit contains one vulgar word, just saying for the people who don't tolerate language.
  9. We shuld ban anybody under 18 and make EMC 18+ only.
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  10. Yes, do it with a wrecking ball ;3
  11. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Rotten flesh giving hunger.
  13. Killing passive mobs has a 100% to drop one diamond.
    Eff 5 acts like fortune III.
  14. darn, i was going to make this into a forum game but you read my mind.

    Equinox_Boss automatically follows everyone and likes every post
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  15. Melons overtaking the empire
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  16. Aikar should covert to normal time.
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  17. no, this is a good idea. MELONS FTW!!!!
  18. Throwdown Thursday
  19. Have ICC constantly dropping bedrock.
  20. Well my res is a melon free environment.