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  1. hello everybody heppy christmas as well
    i just grought terraria and i got noo idea about any good servers
    anybody can gimme some help? thx for reading
  2. my favorite one is at
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  3. Advertising^^^
  4. It's for Terraria Server not Minecraft so It's Advertising but not for another Minecraft server.
  5. You mean game?
  6. ll give it a try...
  7. yea Insert game in there lol sorry forgot to put that word in there lol
  8. I used to be a Moderator on one of the more popular Terraria servers. That server is long since gone, however, and I've barely played Terraria at all since them. It's a good game though.
  9. I used to play it, but then I couldn't play it anymore because the program got messed up
  10. eyguys umm i got 50 silver coin and the merchant still didnt come :(
  11. Did you build a house?
  12. - Awesome.

    I prefer myself.

    Sigh, kids - get some education please.
  13. it's the best server EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  14. made another house bu t nothing
  15. How is this advertising? His thread is perfectly fine.