Terraria problems.

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  1. So i bought the game Terraria a while ago and from the second i started playing it i have been getting errors of some sort. At the top of the window it keeps saying "Terraria(Not responding)". It's kinda like it's constantly refreshing. I thought that it might have been my very low ram so i closed all of my programs to save ram but that still did nothing. I tried researching it but i couldn't find anything on it. I was just wondering if one of you guys have ever got this and if you have could you please tell me how you fixed it? If you are able to help me fix it then i will gladly pay 5,000r to you.
  2. Did you make sure your drivers are up to date and that you have installed the Microsoft .NET and .XNA files?

  3. I have no idea what a driver is. Never the less those files.
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  5. Steam automatically updates the drivers and installs the correct files.
  6. How much RAM do you have?
  7. Terraria requires barely any RAM. I would assume if he is playing Minecraft his computer can handle Terraria.
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  8. It actually can. I usually get 60+ fps on it.
  9. Here's my stat's:
  10. My computer does some odd stuff like that too.
    A Game called Wasteland Kings would always crash like it was refreshing.
    This also started when i switched my default function key that do sound pause play etc, into the normal ones to be able to take easy screenshots on mc.
    Just to check if you have the same problem as me: When you open a new tab on Chrome does it start refreshing nonstop?
  11. Nope. But i also just figured out something else about the problem. I't mostly happens when i click and it barely happens (not saying it dosent) when i am just moving. It's kinda like double clicking is making it refresh.
  12. Ok i really need some help with this now. The eye of Cthulhu has started to randomly spawn now and there is nooo way i will ever be able to beat him with this happening.
  13. um... GL bro :p
  14. What is gl?
  15. If you're not prepared to fight EoC and you get the "You feel an evil presence watching you" message at dusk, log out / back in to whichever world you were playing. It will reset the encounter, at least for another night.
  16. I actually was able to beat him after getting all iron armor and a legendary gold bow. But i am still getting the glitch.
  17. If you're underground, the EoC will not come. Also, how do you have 200+ health yet you are unable to defeat the EoC? What weapons are you using?