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  1. Hey EMC!!! I am not really "introducing" myself; but this pretty well falls under the same category.
    My failure of a laptop is officially broken. While it is in the computer shop, I will be in game very little (I don't know if our Several year old Windows XP computer can handle Minecraft) I may try to get on, but chances are I won't be able to- or it will be significantly less. I plan on Stalking the forums during this period of time, so You won't be able to miss me.

    So, as to not waste such a valuable post, I will list all the problems I have with my laptop.
    • Can't defragment my C: Drive
    • I can't install updates without my computer freezing
    • I have no battery life- and it doesn't make it past 70% battery power, just shuts off.
    • I can't use my USB ports
    • One of my hinges is breaking and slowly peeling my computer apart
    • And today- I can't start up my computer without it freezing up... Apparently I need to replace my hard disk.
    • If I get my computer started in Safe mode- I am logged in as a visitor.
    I probably forgot something, but this pretty well sums it up. I don't know how long my computer will be out of service, but probably will be after the 1.3 update... :( And I will be postponing the opening of my new shop even further!!! You can checkout the unfinished product on smp4- residence 8144
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  2. hate you cant play :( hope ur computer gets fixed soon..
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  3. Reinstall windows. Sounds like you got a nasty virus.
  4. I have had some of these problems for many many months, but my warranty is outdated, and I just tried to deal with it up until now
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  5. Sounds like his computer is bobo, save up, get a new one. That is my only advice. :(
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  6. My temporary absence is over in about 4-5 hours getting back from vacation and eating now. :)
  7. Wish I could... I am going to college this next year- and am already will be behind on money... I just want to play Minecraft!
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  8. My advice: don't go to college, then win the lottery, and get lifetime supplies of food. Occasionally take a walk outside to not die.

  9. Observed... Besides it is basically to late to back out of anything... My only hope is I will be able to get an easy on campus job, so I can slowly build up some extra cash to buy a much better computer. On the flip side, my parents offered to pay for the repairs on my computer FTW
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  10. my family goes to the Geek Squad at Best Buy to repair our computers. :p
  11. Nearest Best Buy is 2 hours away... rather limited choices here in the middle of Kansas
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  12. It's Mac time! No, I'm JKing. Although I would recommend that, just get yourself a nice, new Win7 laptop, and you should be good.
  13. Macs are amazing! O.M.G! They totally own at power-points, I saw one today that ran minesweeper, It was at full load though :( Then the guy tripped over the power cable because it was white and it blended in with the floor and some magnet things stopped it from coming out and it got dragged to the floor. Sadly he didn't take out the applecare for $30000 a year, So he had to buy a new Mac. Which is now already outdated :(
  14. My advice: DON'T Anger your neighbor with your dog. You'll get caught in a tornado and find yourself with a snazzy pair of red shoes as well as befriending a scarecrow, lion and tin man. Fight flying monkeys and a witch. Meet a wizard and wake up to find out it was only a dream.

    Sorry you're having PC issues too. Mine is being stupid as well.
  15. I am having the hard disk replaced- I am hoping it fixes at least half of my problems... I have a good network with our desktop computer; so I can dump and load files through it, rather than worry about the USB problems.

    I just always have my battery plugged in- haven't had any problems with that... I don't even need my battery as a result of always having it plugged in
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  16. Tornadoes are a real danger here in Kansas- No joke
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  17. :/ sorry was was talking about Wizard ofOz
  18. lol, I know... I can take a Wizard of Oz reference...
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  19. Chickeneer I suggest you go get an Ubuntu operating system disc OR if your lucky you can ask them or one of your friends if they have the same operating system as you. You can ask for the operating system disc and use that disc to re-install windows by using the same key under your laptop to activate it. I did it with my friend computer and it worked.