Temple of Jeb

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  1. Similar to the Temple of Notch, there is also the Temple of Jeb.

    We need to build one of our own. :eek:
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  2. WTF? it doesn't look like jeb! it looks like mr sandman! that makes u go to sleep!
  3. Of me please. :D
  4. ...Um I like temple of notch better XD
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  5. I second that vote. xD
  6. But it pukes pigs :eek:
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  7. But When did jeb eat a few hundred pigs?
  8. I third
  9. Remember the bacon fight during mojam? jeb must have eaten some of the bacon.
  10. I think we do too.
  11. Temple of Justin and Temple Of JEREMY
  12. NO! Temple or Justin, Temple of JEREMY, and Temple of ME!
  13. NO D:< temple of CHEESE
  14. If we build one of green_mystery wat will he do? Puke grass? Leaves? what will he do? XD
  15. NO NO NO NO! You got this all wrong! Temple of turtles! :mad:
  16. If we do build one, we need to put a full body because of their pink fairy uniform which they wear to show how manly they are
  17. Good Idea! :D
  18. Temple of Xel'Naga FTW :D